Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

At Pitchmarks, our goal is to be your go-to source for golf information. We’ve got a team of golf nuts who love digging into research, gear, and instructional tips. They don’t have any conflicts of interest — they’re just here to give you the best advice possible.

We’re not about offering quick fixes or miracle solutions to improve your golf game. Instead, we want to give you a well-rounded view of the topics in question, so you can make smart decisions for your game. We don’t believe in flashy headlines or emotional tricks just to get more clicks.

And remember, while some of our team are qualified PGA coaches, some of us are just hobbyists with a passion for the game. If you’re having trouble with your swing, gear, or course strategy, sometimes it’s best to check in with a local pro.

Our Team’s Integrity

We don’t accept ads or content from outside sources. That means everything you read on our site is created by our team.

Every team member promises they’re not getting any benefits from outside sources that could sway our advice.

Every time we update our articles or reviews, we make those changes public. That way, you can see how we’re always updating our work with the latest findings.

Content Creation Process

Every piece of information on our site goes through a bunch of checks to make sure it’s accurate, backed by research, and unbiased.

Here’s a quick rundown of how we create our content:

  1. Our golf experts create an outline to cover the topic
  2. They write the article or review
  3. A content editor checks over the writing
  4. At each step, we add any necessary corrections or clarifications
  5. Finally, the article or review gets published on the site

Pretty much every piece on our site takes several hours of focused work before it gets published. Most pieces take a whole day from start to finish. We keep our articles and reviews up-to-date, which means they’re the result of many hours of work.


While we don’t accept external content to be posted to our site, we make a living by working with advertisers to serve relevant ads on our content.


If something’s not right, we’re on it. If a reader points out a problem, we look into it straight away. If we need to make an update, we do it right away. That includes new info that wasn’t around when we first published the piece or any other updates that are needed.

If you spot something that’s not quite right on our site, please let us know. We aim to be the most accurate and current golf information source out there.