Evnroll ER2 Midblade Putter Review

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The Evnroll ER2 Midblade Putter combines traditional blade aesthetics with the stability of a mallet. Its wide flange, deep grooves, and consistent swing weights across lengths offer exceptional forgiveness and a smooth roll, perfect for golfers who appreciate a soft feel and a sleek look.

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Evnroll is a California-based putter manufacturer led by CEO and chief designer Guerin Rife, who has over 25 years of experience in putter design.

Known for their “Sweet Face” technology, Evnroll putters utilize closely spaced and deep-milled grooves for accuracy and control across the entire putter face.

In this review, we test the popular Evnroll ER2 Midblade Putter.


At first glance, the Evnroll ER2 head looks like a traditional blade putter. However, it features a wider flange blade to give it the stability of a mallet putter.

The ER2’s design has a subtle curved sole, which allows the putter to rest at several lie angles depending on your preference over the ball.

In addition, the extra real estate afforded by the wide blade putter design allows for a longer alignment line than you would find on a typical blade. This line is supported by 2 unpainted sight dots, for extra help with alignment.

evnroll er2 putter rear view
The Evnroll ER2 Midblade is a wider take on the classic blade putter design.

Available in black or silver, I was particularly drawn to the murdered-out finish. The bold Evnroll logo is embossed onto the back of the face and filled with contrasting white paint, which offers a classy and identifiable look.

The ER2 features a single-bend shaft, providing a seamless connection between the shaft and the head. This allows the putter to look great behind the ball, with minimal distraction compared to other putter neck types.

evnroll er2 putter side view
The single-bend shaft offers a seamless connection.

Sound & Feel

Off the face, the Evnroll ER2 putter feels nice and soft.

This soft feel is supported by the pleasantly low-pitched *thunk* when the ball is struck with the center of the putter face. While heel and toe hits produce a slightly higher pitch, they still feel surprisingly soft despite the all-metal construction.

Evnroll achieves this soft feel in its putters through the precisely milled grooves, which minimize the contact area of the face against the ball. The grooves start deep in the center and taper out towards the heel and toe.

evnroll er2 putter front view
Deep, narrow grooves minimize contact with the ball for a softer feel.

The Evnroll ER2 putter comes pre-fitted with a pistol-shaped TourTac grip.

As the name suggests, this grip has a tacky feel to promote a comfortable hold of the putter. I would regard it as a midsize grip — not too thin to encourage too much wrist action, yet not too fat to compromise feel and rely on the palms.

One thing to note is that the TourTac has a shiny coating. In rainy conditions, this can get relatively slippy, so be sure to keep a dry towel on standby.

evnroll tourtac grip
The Evnroll TourTac grip provides a soft, tacky, and comfortable feel.


Perhaps the best quality of the Evnroll ER2 is its forgiveness. In particular, I was impressed by how well this putter performed on mishits.

With many blade putters, off-center hits are punished by distance drop-offs and can veer left or right of the target line. By contrast, the ER2 didn’t lose distance and barely veered off-line in any scenario when I missed the center.

While you do get slight audible feedback on mishits, it’s refreshing to feel the forgiving qualities of a mallet putter in a sleek, blade design.

evnroll er2 overall view
The Evnroll ER2 is very forgiving and doesn’t punish off-center hits.

The head of the Evnroll ER2 feels nice and weighty, which gave me plenty of confidence over both short putts and long-distance lag putts.

It’s available in 3 different length options: 33″, 34″, and 35″. While most putter manufacturers offer a single head weight for each length, Evnroll offers a consistent swing weight across each length option.

To achieve this, the head weight varies slightly according to the shaft length. This is indicated by the number of dots on the sole of the putter, as listed below:


As a taller golfer, I opted for a 35″ shaft. Built with a “One Dot” swing weight, it featured an optimized head weight that performs exactly as intended.

Final Thoughts

The Evnroll ER2 is a premium midblade putter that provides a forgiving and consistently smooth roll, with excellent performance on mishits.

Are you looking for the performance of a mallet putter, but the classic looks of a traditional blade putter? If so, the ER2 is definitely one to consider.

Check out the Evnroll ER2 Putter here.

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