How to Remove Rust From Forged Golf Irons (In Minutes!)

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Forged irons remain a popular type of club for many golfers. However, they can be prone to rusting if the chrome-plated layer wears off — exposing the raw carbon steel.

While some players like the rusty look, others prefer to keep their irons looking in top shape to fill them with pride and confidence over the ball.

In this article, you’ll learn how to remove rust from forged golf irons, restoring them back to their original, polished condition — in just minutes!

Ready? Let’s begin!

How to Remove Rust From Forged Golf Irons

To remove rust from forged golf irons, apply and rub chrome and metal polish onto the rusted areas using a microfiber cloth. Then, wipe off the polish and scrub any stubborn rust spots with a Scotch-Brite pad. Finally, apply a second layer of polish for optimal shine and long-term protection.

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Why Do Forged Golf Irons Rust?

While cast irons are manufactured using molten stainless steel, forged irons are made by pressing a billet of carbon steel into the desired shape for the club head.

Most club heads are sealed with a layer of chrome plating, which serves to provide a polished finish while protecting the club from the natural elements.

However, the chrome-plated layer can wear off with repeated use over a period of time, exposing the raw metal beneath the surface. And, unlike stainless steel, raw carbon steel is more prone to rusting when exposed to water and oxygen.

As a result, forged irons tend to show signs of rust faster than cast irons.

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Does Rust Affect Golf Irons?

While some older sets of golf irons can have dramatic amounts of rust, the effect on performance is actually very minimal.

Golf is all about confidence. To maximize the feeling of confidence, it’s vital that your club head looks good behind the ball as you prepare for a shot.

Therefore, the decision to keep rust on your clubs is entirely personal. If having rust on your clubs affects your game, you’re better off removing it!

Nevertheless, some golfers actually prefer to have rust on the face of their wedges. This is because rust on the clubface can supposedly offer higher spin in wet conditions.

However, it’s ultimately an aesthetic decision. So, if you’d rather keep your irons looking as good as new, read on to learn how to remove rust from forged golf irons!

does rust affect golf irons

How to Remove Rust From Golf Clubs

There are various ways to remove rust from golf clubs. Some golfers suggest soaking the club head in vinegar, or even Coke. While this can work, it also takes hours!

Instead, I’ll teach you a method to remove rust from your forged irons in minutes.

Before You Start

You will need a few items to remove rust from your golf clubs:

Let’s start the process by applying the 3M polish to the club head!

1. Apply a Thin Layer of Polish

Firstly, apply a thin layer of the 3M Chrome and Metal Polish to the club head, using a small cloth or towel. Focus the polish on the rusty areas of the club head and face.

PRO TIP: Don’t apply too much polish — just a thin coating initially.

The polish will remove any surface rust from the chrome-plated layer on the club head and the worn areas of exposed raw steel.

Then, leave the polish to sit for a couple of minutes while it works on the rust.

2. Remove Polish With a Microfiber Cloth

Next, use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess polish from the club head. At the same time, rub the cloth in small circular motions to help remove any rust.

PRO TIP: You might need to apply slightly more pressure when removing the polish from the heavily rusted areas.

3. Remove Any Stubborn Rust Spots

While the club head should already be looking much improved, you might still need to remove some stubborn rust spots.

To do this, rub the club head with a Scotch-Brite pad to remove any surface rust left over after the initial polishing process.

4. Apply a Final Layer of Polish

Finally, apply a second layer of the 3M Chrome and Metal Polish to the club head.

This will give the club head a further opportunity to polish up nicely, while also offering more long-term protection from future rusting.

PRO TIP: Once again, you only need a thin layer of polish.

Again, remove any excess polish with a cloth. The club head should now be rust-free!

Check out the video below by the Mobile Clubmaker, where he demonstrates each step to restore a club head back to its original state in just a few minutes:


To remove rust from forged golf irons, follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply a thin layer of 3M Chrome and Metal Polish
  2. Remove the polish with a microfiber cloth
  3. Remove any stubborn rust spots with a Scotch-Brite pad
  4. Apply a final layer of polish to finish and seal the club head

By following these steps, you can restore any old, rusty golf club back to its original polished condition in just a few minutes!

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