How to Use a Putting Mirror for Better Alignment

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Years ago, I used to rock up to the golf course and hope for the best with my putter.

However, it eventually dawned on me that putting accounts for so many strokes in a round of golf — approximately 43% of your total strokes on the course.

So, from that point forward I started spending time on the practice greens as often as I would practice full shots at the driving range, and it really helped my scoring!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to use a putting mirror to improve your alignment.

Ready? Let’s get right into it.

What Is a Putting Mirror?

A putting mirror is a golf training aid designed to offer immediate visual feedback on your putting alignment and stroke. Typically, it has alignment markers that guide your setup, stroke path, and even the ball’s trajectory.

Think of it a putting mirror as your personal putting coach, ready to correct your eye alignment, shoulder position, or stroke path.

They’re small and light enough to fit in your golf bag, making it perfect for practice.

what is a putting mirror
Putting mirrors provide instant alignment feedback in your putting setup (Image: Pure2Improve)

The Importance of Eye Alignment

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve had those days on the green when the hole looks huge, and you’re sinking putts like you’re Rory McIlroy.

However, on other days, the hole seems tiny and you can’t putt to save your life!

Often, the thing that has a large bearing on your consistency with the putter is the alignment of your eyes when stood over the ball.

What Is the Point of a Putting Mirror?

I’ve been reading about how professional golfers such as Cam Smith — winner of The Open 2022 — focus on their eye alignment when addressing their putts.

As one of the best short game players in the world, Smith explains that he is putting well when his “shoulders are square, and [his] eyes are directly over the ball.”

Just a slight misalignment in your setup can trick your eyes into thinking you’re on target when you’re not. The position of your eyes can affect the perceived line of the putt.

Put simply, if your head is too far over the ball, you may inadvertently aim left of the hole. But, if your head isn’t far enough over the ball, you could end up aiming right.

It’s a similar issue to having the incorrect putter lie angle. When your setup isn’t tuned correctly, it’s difficult to find consistency and roll the ball on line every time.

To fix this and work out if your eye alignment is an issue, it’s recommended to use a putting mirror. A putting mirror provides instant feedback on your eye position relative to the ball, helping you find that sweet spot consistently.

putting mirror for alignment
Some putting mirrors have gate attachments to focus on path and center strikes (Image: PuttOUT)

How to Use a Putting Mirror

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a putting mirror for optimal alignment:

Step 1: Understand the Putting Mirror

A putting mirror typically includes a reflective surface with alignment markers, a hole or gate to aim your putts, and slots for inserting tees to help you work on your start line. Understand the features of your mirror to make the most out of it.

Step 2: Find the Best Location

Begin by finding a straight putt on the practice green, about six to eight feet from the hole. While you can use a putt with some break, starting with a straight putt simplifies the process of improving your alignment.

Step 3: Position the Putting Mirror

Align the putting mirror with the hole. Essentially, the direction of the alignment lines on the mirror should point directly at the target.

Step 4: Check Your Eye Alignment

Place your golf ball on the spot designated on the mirror. As you take your stance, observe your eye position in the mirror. Ideally, for a right-handed golfer, your eyes should be directly above the ball or slightly inside the ball. If that’s not the case, adjust your posture or stance until your eyes are in the correct position.

Step 5: Check Your Shoulder Alignment

Next, check your shoulder alignment. They should be parallel to the lines on the putting mirror, which is crucial to start your putts on the correct line.

Step 6: Check Your Putter’s Path

Now, make some practice strokes focusing on your putter’s path. It should follow the stroke path line on the putting mirror. If your putter deviates too much inside or outside the line, aim to correct it for better consistency.

Step 7: Practice Your Putts

Once your alignment checks are done, start putting! Use the tees at the end of the mirror to create a ‘gate’ to putt through. Your goal is to start your putts on line, and roll the ball through this gate without touching the tees.

Step 8: Review and Adjust

Review your performance after a few putts. Is your ball starting on the target line? Are you consistently maintaining the correct posture and alignment? If not, make the necessary adjustments and keep practicing.

Check out the video below by EyeLine Golf, which demonstrates how a putting mirror can help with the alignment of your stance, eye position, and the putter face:

Putting Mirror: More Than Just a Training Aid

A putting mirror is a tool that gives golfers an understanding of their putting game.

It’s not just about improving the stroke — it’s about understanding how small tweaks in your posture, grip, and alignment can lead to significant improvements.

This deeper understanding can give you greater confidence in your alignment on the greens, leading to better performance under pressure.

Holing more putts when it counts is what it’s all about on the golf course.

Putting Stance and Posture

Your stance and posture — particularly the alignment of your shoulders — are equally crucial when you’re looking to build a repeatable putting action.

Putting mirrors work by encouraging you to use the in-built alignment lines when setting up over the ball. These serve as a guide to keep your shoulders square to the target.

This, in turn, promotes a more consistent stroke path, resulting in better accuracy.

Putting Drills

A putting mirror is also perfect for drills designed to enhance your putting stroke.

As described in the step-by-step guide above, you can position tees on either side of your intended line on the mirror. If your ball hits the tees, it’s an instant sign that your stroke was off line, allowing you to make the necessary corrections.

In the video below by Clay Ballard, he demonstrates a useful drill that you can work on with a putting mirror to get instant feedback off the putter face:

Best Putting Mirrors

So, we’ve covered what a putting mirror can do for your alignment and stroke.

But, what are the best putting mirrors available today?

Check out two of our favorite options below:

EyeLine Putting Alignment Mirror

Best Overall
EyeLine Alignment Mirror


– Simple alignment for instant feedback
– Holes allow you to create tee gates
– Compact & fits in your golf bag


– Slick surface feels different from grass

The EyeLine Putting Alignment Mirror is the ideal training aid to improve your putting.

It has a lower price than other putting mirrors but still has great feedback from golfers. Made from strong acrylic it will be very durable, but it’s also super lightweight, so you can put it in its soft carry bag and easily take it with you to the course.

Through the mirrored surface, it shows you your eye position, any head movement, and also how your putter is aligned. What I like about the EyeLine mirror is that you can set up ‘gates’ with tees for precision training to help consistently find the sweet spot.

Pro Path Alignment Mirror

Best Premium
Pro Path Putting Mirror


– Alignment trains your arc stroke
– Stepped guides help build speed control
– Lightweight & compact, fits in your golf bag


– Not suited for straight-back, straight-through strokes

The Pro Path Putting Mirror is a serious game-changer for golfers.

Not just a favorite amongst beginners and golf enthusiasts, but also trusted by professionals like 2022 Open winner Cam Smith!

It’s compact and foldable, complete with a high-quality carrying pouch. As it’s light and compact you can carry this in your golf bag, and practice your putts on the go.

Final Thoughts

After many years of playing golf, it’s clear to me that precision and consistency are the most important elements — especially when it comes to putting.

By providing real-time feedback on your eye alignment, putting stroke, and ball position, a putting mirror can help you perfect your putting technique.

Remember, the best golfers never stop learning and are always seeking to improve.

“There’s always stuff to work on. You’re never there.”

Tiger Woods

No matter your skill level, a putting mirror can provide valuable insights into your game and spur you on your journey to becoming a better golfer.

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