OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Ball Review: Great Value!

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For decades, a handful of manufacturers have dominated the golf ball market.

Enter OnCore — a relative newcomer with a mission to “make golf better” with its high-performance golf balls for players of all skill levels.

In this review of the OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Balls, I’ll take you through the specs and test out the full scope of performance — from tee to green.

Let’s get right into it!

OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Balls

OnCore Elixr 2022 Golf Balls


– Impressive distance
– Very good durability
– Excellent value at $30/dozen


– Lower spin than some softer balls

OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Balls offer very solid performance at a great value.

In 2020, OnCore launched the original budget-friendly ELIXR Golf Ball.

Fast forward two years and OnCore released an updated version, featuring the same three-piece construction but with a modified design for extra carry and roll.

With an enhanced core for better carry and roll, the 2022 ELIXR version delivers great distance. At the same time, the firm cover is durable — without sacrificing feel.

OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Ball Specs

Below, you can see how the new version of the ELIXR stacks up against the original:

2022 ELIXR2020 ELIXR
CoverUrethaneCast Urethane
Launch AngleMidMid to High
Swing Speed85-100 mph80-95 mph
Driver SpinLowLow
Wedge SpinHighHigher
Source: OnCore

Essentially, the OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball series is all about delivering consistent performance for the everyday golfer — at a very affordable price point.

With a 3-piece construction, the ELIXR is perfect for a mid-handicapper. It’s best suited for players with swing speeds of up to 100 mph — slightly more than its predecessor.

However, if you swing beyond 100 mph then I’d recommend you go with a 4-piece ball that is able to withstand a higher force at impact.

oncore elixr 2022

Long Game

Off the tee, the 2022 ELIXR comes into its element with excellent distance.

The firmer urethane cover helps to maximize ball speed off the driver face, while the low spin properties prevent it from getting caught up in the wind and losing distance.

This meant that the OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls achieved plenty of carry distance and rolled a significantly long way on the firm, dry fairways in testing.

As mentioned, the ELIXR is a 3-piece ball. This means it will naturally spin less than a 4-piece ball — both in terms of vertical and horizontal spin.

While I’m prone to the occasional slice with my driver, I found that the ELIXR balls reduced the effects of horizontal spin and frequently found the fairway.

oncore elixr driver
The ELIXR balls performed very well in terms of distance off the tee, without too much spin.

The story was much the same for the longer approach shots taken with my 3 wood and hybrid — plenty of distance, great feel, and a satisfying sound off the clubface.

With my irons, the ball flight was consistent in terms of trajectory and line.

The spin properties helped counter any errant slices, while some might feel that it’s slightly more challenging to purposely work the ball.

oncore elixr irons
The ball felt great off the face of my irons, with a stable ball flight and reasonable spin.

Short Game

Around the greens, I was impressed with the feel of the ELIXR balls off the face of my wedges despite the firmer urethane cover that has been used.

As mentioned, the 2022 ELIXR has a firmer urethane cover than its predecessor.

Nevertheless, the ball felt really nice off the face of my wedges. The satisfying *click* sounds every bit like a premium ball, defying the budget price point.

While the ball didn’t have too much check on the greens when compared to some softer balls at a similar price range, the spin was still noticeable. The greens were particularly firm in testing, which certainly contributed to the lack of spin.

Also, I was very impressed with the durability of the ELIXR ball.

Having tested the performance off the fairway, out of the rough, and from the bunkers using a new set of fresh-grooved Vokey SM9s, the balls remained good as new.

Realistically, I’m more likely to lose them before any blemishes appear!

oncore elixr wedge shots
The ball came off my wedges with a satisfying *click* with some decent spin.

On the green, the OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls performed well. Off the face of the putter, the ball felt reasonably soft — but not too soft.

Personally, I really like this balance as you can certainly feel it off the face, without it feeling too rubbery like I found with the Callaway SuperSoft balls.

Quality control was perfect, and the balls rolled true as you’d expect on the greens.

oncore elixr putter
The ELIXR feels nice and soft off the putter, despite having a firmer urethane cover.

Who Is the OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Ball For?

The OnCore 2022 ELIXR Golf Ball is perfect for mid to high handicappers who seek a ball that delivers a nice feel with plenty of distance — at a budget price point.

If you’re looking for a golf ball with a reasonably soft feel and solid all-round performance — without the hefty price tag — then the ELIXR ball delivers.

That said, I’d avoid the ELIXR if your swing speed exceeds 100 mph because of the 3-piece construction. Instead, opt for a 4-layer ball for extra durability.

oncore elixr

Overall Opinion

I’m very impressed with the OnCore Elixr Golf Balls.

They feel really nice off the putter face and present a satisfying *click* off wedge and iron shots, without falling short in the distance category with the driver.

In fact, this ball far exceeded my expectations in terms of distance. Off the tee, it gives you the confidence to gain some extra yards without generating too much spin.

And at just $30 per dozen — the Elixr represents excellent value for money.

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