Takomo 101 Irons Review: Long, Sleek & Forgiving

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Takomo 101 irons offer premium golf at an affordable price, blending a sleek, minimalist design with excellent distance and forgiveness. This beginner-friendly set caters to a broad range of golfers, especially those mindful of budget without compromising style or functionality.

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Based in Finland, Takomo Golf is a direct-to-consumer brand on the rise.

Their goal? Premium golf equipment at an affordable price. With a DTC model and lower marketing budgets, Takomo can afford to undercut the major brands.

In this review, we put the beginner-friendly Takomo 101 irons to the test.

Key Specs

Loft (º)20.5232630343944
Lie (º)6161.56262.56363.564
Offset (mm)5.754.33.42.721.5
Head Weight (g)251259265272279287295
Shaft Length (in)38.53837.53736.53635.5

As the name suggests, these clubs serve as an introduction to the golf world. That said, the Takomo 101 irons are suited for a wide range of golfers — including the budget-conscious. At just $489 for a 4-PW set, they offer excellent value.

With game improvement as the primary focus, the Takomo 101 irons feature slightly stronger lofts to maximize distance throughout the set.

For reference, the 4-iron through 7-iron is half a degree stronger-lofted than the TaylorMade P790 irons. The 8-iron through PW is a full degree stronger.

takomo 101 irons in the bag
The Takomo 101 iron set includes seven clubs, ranging from 4-iron to PW.


Simply put, the Takomo 101 irons look fantastic.

For many golfers, appearance is as important as performance when it comes to choosing a set of clubs. As the saying goes: Look good, feel good, play good.

In a time where most game improvement irons feature excessive designs — from carbon fiber elements to large cavities — Takomo 101 irons embody simplicity.

takomo 101 irons rear side
The irons feature a sleek, muscle-back design with minimal branding.

Inspired by the brand’s Scandinavian roots, the Takomo 101 irons have a sleek and minimalistic appearance that will suit any golfer’s eye.

At first glance, these clubs could be mistaken for a beautiful set of blades. But these irons feature a muscle-back design, which allows them to pack forgiveness into the club head without relying on a cavity and perimeter weighting.

While the Takomo logo and branding elements are visible, they don’t detract from the overall clean and minimal aesthetic.

takomo 101 irons at address
The Takomo 101 irons look great behind the ball.

At address, the Takomo 101 irons look very appealing.

With a blade length of 79.5mm, these irons are on the larger side. That said, I didn’t think they looked particularly oversized behind the ball.

Combined with the relatively thick topline, the large club head inspires confidence and certainly fits the target demographic of new and improving golfers.

Additionally, the Takomo 101 irons feature a significant amount of offset, ranging from 1.5mm in the PW to 5.7mm in the 4-iron. This adds to the comforting look behind the ball, as prevalent in most game improvement irons.

As for the clubface, Takomo contrasted the polished chrome look with a matt textured finish. This adds durability, with the possibility of extra spin.

takomo 101 irons clubface
I liked the contrasting matt clubface texture, which also helped reduce glare.


Takomo markets the 101 as a “distance iron” — out the gate, these go FAR!

With a combination of strong lofts and a powerful “precision milled” clubface, these irons comfortably added 10 yards of distance to my typical distances.

Though it can take a few minutes to adjust to this, I began to really appreciate the distance gains. However, I did find the long pitching wedge opened a gap from my other wedges which potentially needs filling with a gap wedge.

takomo 101 irons side profile
The chunky, muscle-back design is loaded with distance and forgiveness.

I found the Takomo 101 irons to be highly forgiving. Heel and toe hits performed astonishingly well, and I wasn’t punished with vibrations through my hands.

This level of forgiveness can be credited to the hollow body design. Much like the TaylorMade P790 irons, this allows the center of gravity to sit deeper in the club head for optimal forgiveness and performance on mishits.

Also, this low CG makes the Takomo 101s high launching. Though low-spinning, the towering launch angle can make it easy to hold greens.

As mentioned, there is a lot of offset in these irons. This adds a natural draw bias, counteracting the slice which is often a problem for many improving golfers. But if you tend to draw or hook the ball, these irons might not be ideal.

takomo 101 irons lamkin grip
The Takomo 101 irons are fitted with Lamkin grips and KBS shafts.

Generally, soft feel isn’t associated with game improvement irons.

However, the Takomo 101 irons feel great. Regardless of where you strike the ball on the clubface, it comes off with a muted “click” and minimal vibration.

For those who prefer the feedback of mishits contrasting with center strikes, perhaps these irons aren’t for you. But if you’re looking for a set of irons that feel very good — regardless of the quality of strike — consider the Takomo 101s.

takomo 101 irons close up view

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I’m very impressed with the Takomo 101 irons.

While marketed as Takomo’s entry-level set, I believe these clubs would benefit any improving golfer seeking forgiveness, distance, and value.

If you’re looking for a forgiving set of irons, capable of long distances, and packed in a clean and minimal design — then you can’t go wrong with these.

Check out the Takomo 101 Irons here.

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