Callaway Wedge Grinds Explained: Complete Guide

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In recent years, Callaway has refined their wedge grind offering to suit the full spectrum of golfers — from high-level tour pros to the everyday high-handicapper.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Callaway wedge grinds.

Specifically, I’ll teach you how to choose between each type of wedge grind, according to your swing type and the turf conditions of the courses you play most often.

Callaway Wedge Grinds Explained

There are four Callaway wedge grinds: Z, S, X, and W. Primarily, Z Grind and X Grind are for better players, featuring low and high bounce respectively. S Grind is the most versatile, suiting moderate swings and conditions. W Grind offers the widest sole and maximum forgiveness for higher handicappers.

This is the current lineup of Callaway wedge grinds:

  1. Z Grind — low bounce (low-handicapper)
  2. S Grind — moderate bounce (mid-handicapper)
  3. X Grind — high bounce (low-handicapper)
  4. W Grind — high bounce (high-handicapper)

Let’s dive into the details of each wedge grind, so you can learn what’s best for you.

1. Z Grind

The Z Grind is a brand new versatile wedge grind offering from Callaway. Typically, it’s suited for better players who like to open the face up for a variety of shot types.

An aggressive leading edge chamfer acts as a skid plate, enabling the club to slide under the ball. Not only does this increase turf interaction, but it also prevents digging for excellent forgiveness — despite the relatively low 8º bounce angle.

Also, there is plenty of relief on the trailing edge, heel, and toe. Essentially, this helps maximize the workability of the club, allowing the face to be opened up.

In short, the Z Grind is a playable yet forgiving wedge for the creative shotmaker.

The Details

  • Player Type: Shotmakers who prefer to open the clubface around greens
  • Divot Type: Shallow
  • Condition Type: Medium, Firm
  • Wedge Bounce: Low (8º bounce)
  • Lofts Available: 58º, 60º

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2. S Grind

callaway s grind wedge

Often known as a “middle-ground” grind, the S Grind model is suited to the widest range of golfers of any wedge grind in the Callaway lineup.

Again, there is a leading edge chamfer to increase turf interaction and prevent digging.

By contrast with the Z Grind, there is less relief on the trailing edge, heel, and toe. This means it’s better suited for golfers who prefer to play with a square face.

Due to the fairly narrow sole, the S Grind can be known to dig slightly in bunker shots.

Ultimately, the S Grind is for a textbook golfer that plays with a square face. It’s less suitable for a player who prefers to open the face, due to the lack of relief.

The Details

  • Player Type: Suits all swing types, best for those who prefer a square face
  • Divot Type: Moderate
  • Condition Type: Soft, Medium, Firm
  • Wedge Bounce: Moderate (10º bounce)
  • Lofts Available: 48º, 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º

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3. X Grind

callaway x grind wedge

The Callaway X Grind is the highest bounce offering in their wedge lineup. It’s primarily designed for better players who have a steep angle of attack into the ball.

Despite the high level of bounce, the X Grind features plenty of heel, toe, and trailing-edge relief for maximum control. And while the leading edge has a relatively small chamfer, it’s enough to reduce digging even for those who play very steep.

The X Grind is popular on tour. For instance, Sam Burns currently uses the 60º X Grind, favoring its high bounce and level of versatility for shots around the greens.

Put simply, the X Grind is for the steep golfer. It has a high bounce, but also features lots of relief in the heel and trailing edge to facilitate shots with the face open.

The Details

  • Player Type: Shotmakers with a steep angle of attack
  • Divot Type: Deep
  • Condition Type: Soft, Medium
  • Wedge Bounce: High (12º bounce)
  • Lofts Available: 58º, 60º

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4. W Grind

callaway w grind wedge

Finally, the W Grind is Callaway’s most forgiving wedge offering. Best suited for the higher handicapper, it features an extra wide sole to help slide across the turf.

Also, the W Grind really excels in bunker shots. The extra-wide sole helps the club slide through the sand, and splash the ball out. Even a higher-lofted 60 degree wedge excels out of the sand with the forgiving W Grind sole.

Most golfers are likely to compare the S Grind vs W Grind. Essentially, the S Grind is better for moderate conditions and swings. On the other hand, the W Grind is suited to softer conditions and steeper swings, providing ultimate forgiveness.

The Details

  • Player Type: Golfers who need the most help and forgiveness
  • Divot Type: Deep
  • Condition Type: Soft
  • Wedge Bounce: High (12º bounce)
  • Lofts Available: 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º

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Check out the video below by James Oh of Callaway Golf, where he gives a rundown of the 4 wedge grinds in the latest Callaway Jaws Raw range:


In summary, there are four Callaway wedge grinds: Z, S, X, and W Grind. Each type of grind in the lineup is suited to different swing types and turf conditions.

Ultimately, Z and X Grind wedges are designed for better golfers. The Z Grind offers less bounce for firm conditions, while the X Grind offers a higher level of bounce.

The S Grind is the ultimate all-rounder grind. Suitable for the widest scope of swing types and turf conditions, it also plays very well out of the bunker.

However, if you’re looking for ultimate forgiveness, then consider a W Grind. This is the least likely to dig into soft ground and makes bunker shots incredibly easy.

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