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The Takomo Skyforger wedges offer premium design and performance at a low cost. Forged carbon steel provides a soft feel and superior spin, perfect for budget-wise players who don’t mind the limited customization options.

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Takomo is a Finnish brand developing premium, yet affordable golf gear.

Building on the successful launches of the Takomo 101 irons — followed by the forged 201 irons — the brand has expanded into the world of wedges.

In this review, we test out the Takomo Skyforger wedges.

Key Specs

Loft (º)48525660
Shaft Length (in)35.535.535.2535
Swing WeightD3D4D5D6
Bounce (º)8101212
Lie Angle (º)63636363

The Takomo Skyforger wedges are available in four different lofts: 48, 52, 56, and 60 degrees. With the pitching wedge sitting at 44 degrees in their iron sets, this selection of lofts provides a consistent 4-degree gapping.

However, if you have an older pitching wedge model then it’s likely to be closer to the loft of the 48-degree wedge on offer — which is something to consider.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Takomo limited the number of SKUs on offer by offering fixed shaft, bounce, and lie angle options for this line of wedges.

Before delving into performance, let’s take a look at the aesthetics.

takomo skyforger wedges side by side
I tested the Takomo Skyforger wedges in the 52 and 56-degree options.


Sleek and minimal with a polished chrome finish — the Takomo Skyforger is certainly a great-looking wedge unbefitting of its value price.

These wedges take on a smoother, more rounded look than Takomo’s irons. The curvy, fluid head is chrome-plated, providing a classic reflective look.

The sole of the club looks equally rounded, designed with a fairly high degree of bounce to offer forgiveness of strike for a wide range of golfers.

takomo skyforger wedge design
The minimalist branding blends nicely with Takomo’s iron designs.

On the rear of the club head, the Takomo logo and subtle Skyforger text provide simple branding in line with the minimalist Scandinavian approach.

The Skyforger features milling on the clubface for extra friction and spin. This provides a textured contrast against the otherwise polished club head.

takomo skyforger wedge clubfaces
The large, rounded design fills you with confidence.


The first thing I noticed when testing the Skyforger wedges was how soft they felt, both on full swings and delicate chips around the green.

As a long-term Vokey wedge user, I know what a premium wedge feels like. The greatest compliment I can offer the Takomo Skyforger wedge is that it feels very similar to a Vokey — while retailing at less than half the price.

Forged from S20C carbon steel, Takomo spares no expense in constructing a high-quality wedge. This is reflected in the soft feel and acoustics.

takomo skyforger wedge behind the ball
The Takomo Skyforger wedges feel soft and premium — despite their budget price.

While there aren’t bounce and grind options to choose from, I found the standard design to provide enough bounce on fuller shots. At the same time, it didn’t compromise my ability to open the face and get under the ball.

Being forged, the wedges don’t feel quite as forgiving as the hollow body muscle-back 101 irons. Though off-center strikes aren’t necessarily punished distance-wise, they have a slightly “clicker” feel than out the middle.

takomo skyforger 56 degree wedge
The rounded soles offer quality turf interaction.

I found the rounded soles provided excellent turf interaction, particularly on softer UK ground. The wedges cut through the turf with ease.

Takomo Skyforger wedges are pre-fitted with top-of-the-line KBS Tour shafts and Lamkin grips. This stock setup is designed for high launch and distance while adding a premium touch and trusted performance.

takomo skyforger kbs shafts
The Takomo Skyforger wedges are fitted with Lamkin grips and KBS shafts.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Takomo Skyforger wedges offer premium build quality and excellent spin control, in a sleek and minimalist design.

While the lack of customization options won’t suit every player, you won’t find a better quality wedge at this price point — they’re just $89 each!

Check out the Takomo Skyforger wedges here.

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