Can You Carry 2 Putters in Your Golf Bag?

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Putting is a major part of golf, and is responsible for almost half the shots in a round.

Multiple woods, irons, and wedges can be carried for various purposes, but can you carry 2 putters in your golf bag?

In this article, you’ll learn whether you can carry 2 putters in your golf bag, as well as any tour pros that have taken this unique approach.

Can You Carry 2 Putters in Your Golf Bag?

You can carry 2 or more putters in your golf bag, as long as the total number of clubs does not exceed 14. Some golfers choose to carry 2 putters: one for short putts, and one for longer putts. Professional golfer Adam Scott has been known to carry 2 putters.

Can You Carry 2 Putters in Your Golf Bag?

How Many Clubs Can You Have in Your Golf Bag?

According to Rule 4.1bplayers can carry up to 14 clubs in their golf bag. You can also choose to have fewer if you don’t wish to use all 14 available slots.

This rule applies to sharing golf clubs too. If two players are sharing a set, they can only have 14 clubs between them as this counts as a single bag allocation.

Does a Putter Count as a Club in Your Bag?

Yes, putters count towards the 14-club allowance in the golf bag.

Does a Putter Count as a Club in Your Bag?

Is It Legal to Carry 2 Putters?

There’s no restriction on the clubs you choose to carry. Therefore, it’s within the rules to carry more than one putter in the bag.

However, this often requires dropping another club from the bag in order to not exceed the 14-club limit set by the USGA.

This also applies to other clubs in the bag. For instance, golfers can carry multiple drivers in order to hit different shot shapes. Phil Mickelson has previously used 2 drivers – one to hit a draw, and one to hit a fade.

is it legal to carry 2 putters

Do Any Pros Carry 2 Putters?

It’s very uncommon for pro golfers to carry more than one putter. Although, there have been several high-profile examples on the professional tour.

At the PGA Championship in 2018, Adam Scott chose to carry 12 clubs and two putters rather than just one putter.

As a user of AimPoint and an extra-long putter, Scott used the long putter for short putts and a short putter for longer putts.

Scott explained the strategy to Golf Channel: “Logically, it sounds good to me to have a putter you like for long putts and one for short putts, if that’s how you want to do it. You hit 40 percent of your shots with one club and 60 [percent] with the other.”

Though unconventional, it’s worth remembering that around almost half the strokes we take in a round happen on the greens.

If carrying 2 putters helps with confidence on the green, then it’s certainly an option to consider. Even more so for a tour pro playing at such high stakes.

Adam Scott has famously carried 2 putters in some high-profile tournaments

Should I Have More Than One Putter?

So, why would you consider having more than one putter?

The main reason for having 2 putters rather than just one would be to improve distance control: one for short putts and one for long putts.

Short Putts

On short putts, accuracy and distance control are very important.

Arguably, longer putters are better suited for shorter putts as they rely on shoulder action to operate better at slower, controlled stroke speeds.

Long Putts

As distance increases, accuracy is compromised. Therefore, feel becomes even more important in order to have good distance control.

Typically, putters with shorter shafts are better suited for longer putts as they provide a better feel against the ball, making it easier to control the distance.


Many golfers will be perfectly content with using just one putter.

But, we spend roughly half our time on the green, so do what’s best for you!

If it feels like having 2 putters will help you get the best out of both short and long putts, and you only use 12 other clubs in the bag, give it a try.

Should I Carry More Than One Putter?


In summary, you can carry 2 or more putters in the golf bag as long as the total number of clubs doesn’t exceed 14.

Adam Scott has famously played with 2 putters at PGA events – one with a long shaft for short putts, and one with a short shaft for long putts.

Ultimately, carrying 2 putters rather than just one is a personal preference. If you don’t need 13 other clubs, then go for it.

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