Can You Extend a Putter Shaft? (Explained)

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We’ve all had that favorite putter that’s just slightly too short. It might putt brilliantly, but it’s not quite worth destroying your back by hunching over every putt!

So, can you extend a putter shaft?

In this article, you’ll learn how to extend a putter shaft in the simplest way possible. Best of all, it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Ready? Let’s go!

Can You Extend a Putter Shaft?

Yes, you can extend a putter shaft. The easiest way to lengthen a putter is to remove the putter grip, insert a shaft extender into the butt end of the existing shaft, then fit a replacement putter grip. This will effectively extend the putter to your ideal length.

I played for years with a putter that was too short for me. After realizing — and swiftly blaming every three-putt on the shortcoming — I figured I’d have to either get the putter fitted with a longer shaft by a professional or purchase an entirely new putter.

Neither was an ideal solution. After some research, I found that there’s a much simpler and more cost-effective solution to lengthen any putter: shaft extenders.

Read on to find out how this nifty tool can extend a putter shaft!

how to extend a putter shaft

How to Extend a Putter Shaft

Fortunately, extending your putter’s length with a shaft extender is a simple task. Put simply, it involves inserting a section of steel tube into the end of your putter shaft.

You’ll need the following tools to do it at home:

Let’s start by removing the existing putter grip.

Step 1: Remove the Existing Grip

Firstly, you need to remove the existing grip. This will enable you to access the butt end of the putter shaft, which is where you will be inserting the shaft extender.

If you don’t intend to reuse the current putter grip, you can simply cut the grip using a utility knife and tear it away from the shaft.

Alternatively, if you’d like to preserve the grip, check out the post below:

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Step 2: Insert the Shaft Extender

Next, apply some epoxy and insert the shaft extender into the end of the shaft.

Push the shaft extender as far as it will go into the shaft — with plenty of epoxy coverage — and tap the end with a mallet to ensure a tight fit.

PRO TIP: It’s vital to create a strong bond, as you won’t want to have to remove the replacement putter grip once it’s applied!

Step 3: Cut to the Desired Length

Once the shaft extender has been inserted and allowed to cure for a few hours, it’s time to cut it down to your desired length.

To do this, simply measure and mark on the shaft extender where you’d like to cut it down to. Then, clamp the shaft and cut the steel using a hacksaw.

You can choose to cut the shaft extender before bonding it to the shaft. However, I prefer to make sure it’s fully connected before making the final cut. This allows for a precise overall putter length suited to my putting preferences.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to factor in the distance between the top of the shaft and the end of the replacement putter grip when figuring out how much shaft extension to add. This is usually about half an inch.

Step 4: Apply the New Grip

Finally, it’s time to install a fresh putter grip onto the extended putter shaft.

Clamp the putter in a vice, and apply some double-sided tape along the length of the section of the putter shaft to be covered by the new grip.

Allow for around an inch of overhang with the tape. This can be tucked into the end of the shaft extender and will help the new grip slide on without snagging.

Next, coat the inside of the new grip with mineral spirits, and pour out the excess.

Mineral spirits serve as an excellent lubricant, which will allow the grip to slide over the taped shaft without disturbing the tape (or forming unwanted creases).

Lastly, push the grip over the tape onto the shaft until it’s completely secure at the end of the newly-inserted shaft extender.

Before leaving the new grip to set, make any final adjustments to the alignment.

PRO TIP: Take your time when regripping. It’s important to line the grip up with the putter, or it will throw your alignment off at address.

Check out the video below by THP Golf TV, where they demonstrate the entire process using an offcut section of steel shaft from an old wedge:


Below are a few questions frequently asked by golfers with regard to putter shafts and putter lengths, and how both apply to their game:

Can You Shorten a Putter Shaft?

Yes, you can shorten a putter shaft. In fact, the process is even more straightforward!

To shorten a putter shaft, simply remove the existing grip and cut the shaft down by the amount that you wish the shorten the putter by.

Then, add a new grip and your putter will be as short as you desire.

Does Putter Length Matter?

Yes, putter length does matter. Choosing the right length putter puts you in a natural and comfortable position at address, giving you the best chance of making putts.

If your putter is too long, you’ll be inclined to stand further away from the ball. This puts your eyes behind the ball, which can skew your view of the line to the hole. Also, it gets you hunched up and tense, which can dampen your feel and control of the putter.

The opposite can be said for putters that are too short. Instead, you’ll likely be stood too close, with your eyes too far over the ball and your arms too extended.

How Long Should My Putter Be?

Essentially, your ideal putter length should allow your arms to hang naturally below your shoulders, with your eyes directly over the top of the ball at address.

To find your putter length, try this simple three-step method:

  1. Get into your putting stance (without holding a putter)
  2. Let your arms hang naturally below your shoulders
  3. Measure from the ground to the wrist of your top hand

The article below goes into more detail, giving you the best chance of finding your optimal putter length based on height and posture:

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how long should my putter be


In summary, you can extend a putter shaft using a shaft extender. It simply slots inside the butt end of the shaft, lengthening the putter to the precise desired length.

Having the correct putter length is important to maximize performance on the greens.

This putter lengthening solution is ideal because any evidence of the shaft extension is hidden underneath the replacement putter grip.

It’s also highly cost-effective — far cheaper than buying a longer putter. Give it a try!

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