How to Measure Putter Length (Explained)

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There are so many factors to consider when choosing from different types of putters, from the shape of the club head to the face design and the type of grip.

However, one area that’s often overlooked is the length of the putter. Finding the right putter length is essential, as it puts you in the correct position at address, helping you line up putts more accurately and lowering your score.

In this article, you’ll learn how to measure putter length.

Along with teaching you how to measure the length of a putter, I’ll help you determine which putter length is best for your height and putting stroke.

Ready? Let’s begin!

How to Measure Putter Length

To measure putter length, measure from the end of the grip to the sole of the putter head. To determine which putter length is right for you, take a putting stance, let your arms hang naturally, and measure from the ground to the wrist of your top hand.

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How to Measure the Length of a Putter

Before we jump into the process of measuring yourself for a putter, it’s useful to know how to measure the length of a putter itself.

According to the USGA: “The putter length measurement is taken from the top of the grip along the axis of the shaft or a straight line extension of it to the sole of the club.”

In the diagram below, Putter A is a straight-shaft putter, measured from the top of the grip to the sole of the putter head. With Putter B, the measurement is taken in line with the shaft, despite it having a bent hosel connecting the shaft to the head.

measuring a putter

Most putters are between 32 and 35 inches in length.

Typically, shorter putters are used by shorter golfers. In addition, players who lean forward more in their stance are likely to prefer a shorter putter.

On the other hand, longer putters are suited to taller golfers, as well as those who stand more upright over the ball in their putting stance.

Next, I’ll explain how to determine which putter length is best for you — so, read on!

what putter length do i need

Why Is Putter Length Important?

The ideal putter length is one which allows your arms to hang naturally below your shoulders when standing over the ball at address.

If a putter is too short, your arms will extend too far away, creating tension. Too long, and your arms will be hunched into your body, restricting movement in the stroke.

Having the correct putter length is vital as it will put you in a comfortable posture at address. This keeps you solid through the putting stroke, helping you roll the ball on your line with the optimal speed — and make more putts.

“Being comfortable when you step up to the ball is a must for rolling good putts.”

Ben Crenshaw — 2-time Masters Champion

Another important consideration is eye position at address.

Too short of a putter will tend to put your eyes too far behind the ball at address. This will cause you to see the wrong line, resulting in pushed putts.

Likewise, using a putter that’s too long can put your eyes too far ahead of the ball. This is a common cause of pulled putts, as you are also seeing the incorrect line.

Put simply, finding the right putter length gets you more comfortable over the ball and helps you get your eyes directly over the ball to see the correct line.

why is putter length important

What Putter Length Do I Need?

The correct putter length will take any tension out of your stance, freeing up your putting stroke and making it easier to roll putts — and score better.

Fortunately, it’s easy to measure yourself at home to determine your putter size.

To find your ideal putter length, there are 3 simple steps. It will be easier if you have a partner to record the measurement, giving you the most accurate reading.

  1. Get into your putting stance (without holding a putter)
  2. Let your arms hang naturally below your shoulders
  3. Measure from the ground to the wrist of your top hand

The measurement you record in step 3 is how long your putter should be.

However, it’s always best to test out several putter lengths to find out which one feels most comfortable for you. Consider checking out Global Golf’s UTry Trial Program, which lets you test out several putters for 14 days before committing to buy.

In the video below, Larry Bobka of 2nd Swing shows how to find the right putter length:

Putter Length Measuring Chart

When finding out which putter length fits you best, it’s ideal to take an accurate measurement as well as test out several different lengths before purchasing.

Another way to determine measure putter length is by using your height.

There is a direct correlation between the length of your putter and your height. Here’s a handy chart to estimate your ideal putter length based on your height:

Putter Length (Inches)Height (Feet & Inches)Height (Centimeters)
32Under 5’ 0’”Under 152
32.55’ 0” to 5’ 2”152 to 157
335’ 2” to 5’ 4”157 to 163
33.55’ 4” to 5’ 6”163 to 168
345’ 6” to 5’ 8”168 to 173
34.55’ 8” to 6’ 0”173 to 183
356’ 0” to 6’ 2”183 to 188
35.56’ 2” to 6’ 4”188 to 193
36Above 6’ 4”Above 193

However, not everyone stands over the ball with the same amount of spine tilt. Golfers who tilt more will need a shorter putter, and those with less tilt need a longer putter.

Therefore, you should always take an accurate measurement rather than relying solely on the information displayed in the chart above.

putter length guidelines


In summary, to measure putter length you need to take a measurement from the top of the grip down to the sole of the putter head, in line with the shaft.

It’s essential to determine which putter length best fits your height and posture. This will help you feel comfortable over the ball, giving you the best chance to make more putts.

A simple way to find your ideal putter length is to stand as you would normally address the ball. Then, take a measurement from the top of your wrist to the ground.

Ultimately, the best approach is to test out putters of various lengths. That way, you can compare the different lengths, and determine which one suits you best.

If you’re looking for a new putter, check out Global Golf’s UTry Trial Program. It allows you to test out putters for 14 days before committing to buy. I’ve used it personally, and highly recommend the service if you’d like to try out several putters in your own time!

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