Swag Golf Handsome One Putter Review

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Mar 22, 2022



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Plumbers neck

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The Swag Golf Handsome One putter blends classic design with modern craftsmanship. Premium CNC-milled stainless steel head delivers reliable feel and satisfying acoustics. Perfect for golfers who prefer a sophisticated look and solid performance from a blade-style putter.

Reasons to buy

Classy Anser-style looks

Reliable sound and feel

Premium build quality

Fun grip & headcover

Reasons to avoid

Not the most forgiving option

Swag Golf founder Nick Venson knows his way around a high-end putter. He spent several years working at Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi, before launching his premium brand.

In this review, we test the Anser-inspired Handsome One model.


swag golf handsome one putter main shot
This putter looks as good as any top-end Scotty Cameron.

At its core, the Handsome One is a classic Anser-style blade putter.

Made from US-sourced 303 Stainless Steel, the putter head is shaped almost entirely during a CNC milling process. This allows for the smoothly curved elements at the toe and heel, along with the rounded bumpers and soft edges.

A fly-milled face adds to the premium aesthetic, while engraved details like the signature skull motif and “Chicago Blue” coloring provide subtle final touches.

The head features a “Tour Satin Mist” finish, adding a premium touch while eliminating glare. It goes through two blasting processes to reach this particular sheen, which also helps accentuate the precision-milled patterns.

swag golf handsome one putter behind the ball
Behind the ball, the Anser-style head contrasts nicely against the black shaft.

At address, the Handsome One sits nicely behind the ball. The silver head contrasts the black chrome KBS Tour shaft, and the single sight line offers a simple alignment aid.

The plumber’s neck hosel provides a reasonable amount of offset to deliver a gentle toe release through impact. It also helps keep the ball under your eye-line at address.

Sound & Feel

swag golf handsome one putter spread
The milled face delivers a premium, solid feel.

With the Handsome One, putts come off the face with a satisfying *tock* sound.

The deep-etched face milling reduces the amount of contact with the ball, preventing the harsh metallic sound I get on my original Anser inherited from the 80s.

Being a blade putter, I was impressed with how consistent the sound and feel was on mishits. Even on slight toe or heel strikes, the feel remained fairly consistent.

swag golf handsome one putter grip
The pistol grip feels and looks awesome.

The feel of the Handsome One putter is elevated by its fantastic Lamkin Deep Etch Grip.

With bold and unique Swag Golf branding, the pistol-style grip feels great in your hands. It features a deep-etched geometric pattern embossed into the outer layer, adding valuable grip in wet conditions while delivering the perfect amount of “squidginess”.


swag golf handsome one putter performance
The Handsome One was solid and reliable in testing.

The head feels perfectly weighted at 354 grams. It gave me confidence in keeping a steady stroke for putts inside 10 feet, while also performing consistently well on lag putts.

Deep-etched face milling encourages a smooth roll and prevents the ball from skidding straight off the blade. I found this to help with reliability in my distance control.

Having recently converted to a mallet putter, I was unsure how the Handsome One blade would perform in testing. Let’s just say I’ll be keeping it in the bag for a while!

swag golf handsome one putter rear

Final Thoughts

The Swag Golf Handsome One putter is one of the best premium blades I’ve tested.

Made from high-quality stainless steel and CNC-milled to perfection, this putter feels a joy to use. And with a forever reliable Anser shape, it will perform just as you expect.

If you’re looking for a little more forgiveness, perhaps consider one of the other models in the Swag putter lineup. But if you want that classic blade look, it’s an excellent pick.

Get the Swag Golf Handsome One Putter here.

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