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The Takomo 101U driving iron has a chunky, confidence-inspiring design with a thicker sole for consistency and forgiveness. Suitable for golfers of various skill levels, it offers an alternative to hybrids or drivers for those seeking penetrative ball flights and accuracy off the tee. It’s also great value at just around half the price of utility irons from rival brands.

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“Take your old, crusty hybrid out of the bag, feed it a nice meal, walk it out back, and shoot it.” — Takomo

Takomo’s new 101U is a utility iron that offers power, low-spin, and penetrating ball flights. But, is it better than a hybrid for the average golfer?

In this review, we put the Takomo 101U driving iron through its paces.

Key Specs

Loft (º)182022
Lie (º)6060.561
Head Weight (g)240247254
Shaft Length (in)39.7539.2538.75
takomo 101u
The Takomo 101U driving iron is simple and elegant.


Upon first inspection, the 101U driving iron looks like an older brother to the popular 101 irons. However, the 101U has a much wider sole.

Designed to increase consistency and forgiveness, the thicker sole lowers the center of gravity to improve performance when you catch it low on the face.

After all, we’re all susceptible to thinning a long iron…

The blade length is fairly standard. It feels large enough to give you confidence over that ball, without feeling unnecessarily oversized.

takomo 101u top down
Behind the ball, the club head is noticeably chunky to breed confidence.

At address, the top line is also fairly thick. From an aesthetic standpoint, this works well to dial down the effect of the hefty sole. It looks very balanced.

The 101U is supplied with a hybrid shaft in a dark finish, which contrasts nicely with the polished chrome head that Takomo has become known for.

As always, the Takomo branding is minimalist and classy. The logo and model info are embossed in a small font, without detracting from the clean looks.

takomo 101u toe
The 101U takes on the same hollow-body construction as the popular 101 irons.

Sound & Feel

For this review, I tested the 3 iron version of the 101U which comes in at 20° loft.

Off the clubface, range balls sounded fairly high-pitched with a tendency to feel “clicky” on off-center hits. However, when I took it onto the course with premium quality balls, the feel was greatly improved.

Overall, the volume is around medium for an iron in this category.

Generally, you’ll notice more feedback when you miss the center versus an off-center hit with a hybrid. For some golfers, this can help train them to find the center more frequently, while others might prefer a consistent sound.

takomo 101u face
The 101U has a medium sound and feels nice off the face.


As a hybrid user, I was intrigued to see how the 101U might compare.

For starters, the shaft is identical. The 101U is fitted with a KBS Hybrid shaft, which helps launch the ball in the air versus a traditional steel iron shaft.

Like all Takomo products, it’s topped with a Lamkin Crossline grip.

takomo 101u grip and shaft
The 101U uses a KBS Hybrid shaft and Lamkin Crossline grip.

Off a short tee, I found it surprisingly easy to hit the 101U.

The extra forgiveness from a tee peg unlocks the sweet spot, allowing you to strike the ball clean without catching any turf.

Off the fairway, I think most everyday golfers would prefer the forgiving nature of a hybrid. But as a fairway finder when the driver is cold, the 101U fits the bill.

I can’t speak for the 2 iron, but I found the 3 iron to perform with a mid-range ball flight for its category. This is to be expected, as the low CG and hybrid shaft notch the launch angle slightly higher than a traditional 20-degree flight.

Sleek and forgiving — the 101U is the full package.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the 101U is a well-balanced driving iron that can be used by golfers of various skill levels thanks to the chunky sole and forgiving head shape.

For those with a confident iron swing, this will be a great alternative to a hybrid or even the driver for tighter dispersion off the tee.

And finally, this club offers excellent value. Retailing for around half the price of similar clubs offered by rival brands. Once again, I’m impressed.

Check out the Takomo 101U Driving Iron here.

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