Takomo 301 CB Irons Review: Sleek & Buttery Soft

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The Takomo 301 CB is an excellent cavity back iron with a sleek, minimalist appearance. Forged from premium soft carbon steel, it delivers a buttery feel while allowing for plenty of workability. These are some of the best irons I’ve tested and at just $649 for a full set, they offer incredible value.

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Takomo Golf, a fresh and innovative brand from Finland, is making waves in the golf world with its direct-to-consumer approach.

They’ve carefully formed a range of irons designed to cater to golfers of all skill levels. At the heart of their collection, the 301 CB stands out.

Specifically engineered for low-handicap players, the 301 CB is a player’s cavity back iron that features a slim topline and traditional lofts.

This review dives deep into the Takomo 301 CB Irons, putting them to the test to see if they truly hold their ground against the top cavity back irons.

Key Specs

Loft (º)23263034384247
Lie (º)6161.56262.56363.564
Offset (mm)
Head Weight (g)248.5254.5260.5267276.5282.5286.5
Shaft Length (in)38.53837.53736.53635.5
takomo 301 cb irons
The Takomo 301 CB irons look fantastic in the bag.


The buzz around Takomo is growing rapidly. When I was testing these out on the range, an intrigued passerby stopped to ask: “Are those the Takomo irons?”

In a market where brands have experimented with bold and garish designs to catch attention, Takomo has done the opposite with its stripped-back approach.

The 301 CB head is minimalist. Forged from premium carbon steel, it features an exceptionally clean and appealing cavity back design with perimeter weighting.

Branding elements are equally sophisticated. The small Takomo logo and black-type embossed model name add to the subtle and classy appearance.

takomo 301 cb irons close up
Clean, minimal, and sophisticated.

Compared to other offerings in the Takomo lineup — like the game improvement 101 irons — the 301 CB features a shorter blade length.

While this makes the club less forgiving, the clubface is still a reasonable size and will appeal to golfers who prefer a more traditional look to their irons.

Thanks to the slim topline, the 301 CBs look great behind the ball.

takomo 301 cb behind the ball
The 301 CB looks clean and appealing at address.


Not only do the 301 CB irons look great, but they also perform equally well.

Forged from soft S20C carbon steel, these feel like butter off the face. The sound off the clubface is equally pleasant, and they’re very fun to hit.

All in all, they feel fantastic.

takomo 301 cb clubface
The 301 CBs feel like butter.

Despite being marketed as a player’s iron, I was also pleasantly surprised by just how forgiving the perimeter-weighted 301 CBs are.

Granted, you can’t pepper the entire face and expect the same results as the 101 irons. But the cavity back design helps alleviate any harsh vibrations on mishits, and you don’t need to catch them in the middle every time for them to work.

Another area where this iron excels is turf interaction. The leading edge features a subtle chamfer, which helps the club cut through the turf with ease.

takomo 301 cb irons chamfer
Subtle leading edge relief greatly improves turf interaction.

It’s also very easy to shape the ball with the 301 CBs.

I recall a shot where my approach was blocked out by a tree. Even out of a tricky lie, I was able to hook the ball onto the green. Shame nobody was watching!

As with all Takomo clubs, the 301 CBs are combined with KBS Tour Lite shafts and Lamkin Crossline grips. When combined with the quality of the heads, these have a premium feel that far exceeds the $649 price point.

takomo 301 cb lamkin
Takomo 301 CB irons are fitted with Lamkin Crossline grips and KBS Tour shafts.

Distance & Gapping

The 301 CBs are manufactured with traditional lofts. When compared to the entry-level Takomo 101 irons, you’ll be around a club shorter.

I play with a 52 and 58-degree wedge setup. With the 101s, I found the stronger PW loft (44 degrees) to cause gapping issues at the lower end of my bag. In the 100 to 130-yard range, I would often have to back off from a full PW.

With the 301 CBs, the PW is three degrees stronger at 47º. This gave me a solid 47-52-58 wedge setup for optimal yardage gapping to cover all distances.

For those who need height, spin, and workability — these irons are unmatched.

takomo 301 cb in the bag
A worthy addition to any golf bag.

Final Thoughts

The Takomo 301 CB irons are an excellent option for better golfers who are looking for a sleek and minimal set of clubs, with a buttery feel.

While you will probably notice a decline in distance due to the more traditionally weaker lofts, the solution is simple — club up! If you’re like me, the gapping makes a lot more sense at the lower end of the bag, and you can take one less wedge.

Priced at around half the cost of comparable irons, they truly are a bargain.

Check out the Takomo 301 CB Irons here.

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