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The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is a smart wristband and app that tracks swing metrics to provide instant feedback for improving distance, accuracy, and consistency. This intuitive and comfortable training aid gives golfers tangible swing data to compare against pros, making it an excellent tool for those serious about enhancing their game.

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Golf is a frustrating game. On some days, everything clicks. But on other days, it can feel as though you’ve completely lost the ability to swing a club!

With their wearable wrist tracker and app, deWiz Golf aims to solve this problem.

In this review, we put the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier to the test.

What’s deWiz All About?

Developed by Swedish golf professional Markus Westerberg and neuroscience specialist Christian Bergh, deWiz is a golf training aid for the modern game.

Essentially, it’s a device that sits on your lead wrist — like a smartwatch.

When paired with the deWiz mobile app, it tracks several important data points so you can get real-time feedback on your golf swing. That way, you can learn the key numbers about your swing and quickly iron out any flaws.

Before we get into the numbers, let’s dive into the setup and ease of use.

Setup & User Experience

dewiz close
The deWiz unit sits on your lead wrist, like a smartwatch.

The instructions indicated that the deWiz device should sit on the lead wrist.

My first impression of the device was that it felt super light and comfortable.

It’s not bulky at all and is lighter than any GPS watch that I’ve worn. The wrist strap is made from soft rubber and has many holes to ensure an accurate fit.

The hardware is simple and intuitive. A single button in the center is pressed once for Bluetooth pairing and held down for powering on/off. The light serves a few functions, but most importantly indicates when it’s ready for you to swing.

dewiz strap
The strap is soft, comfortable, and has lots of scope for adjustability.

Now, it’s time to link the device to the app:

  1. Download the deWiz app (App Store or Google Play Store)
  2. Open the app and create your profile
  3. Pair your deWiz device
  4. Enter “Get Started” mode

In this mode, you can record your first swing. The deWiz does an excellent job at knowing when you’re in a comfortable setup position, at which point the device flashes green and the app triggers a sound. Then, take a swing.

dewiz setup app
Left: available swing modes | Right: initial swing recording

How Does deWiz Work?

In short, the deWiz app gives you instant feedback on your swing. And when I say instant, I mean it — the data takes less than a second to load.

I found the most useful deWiz feature to be discovery mode. This allows you to make swing after swing, giving a large amount of data to analyze.

This data can be broken down into three pools:

  • Hit it longer
  • Hit it straighter
  • Hit it closer

Hit It Longer

To hit the ball longer, focus on variables like the max hand speed and tempo.

By extending your backswing, you’ll maximize your speed. Similarly, achieving a 3:1 backswing-to-downswing tempo ratio will optimize your speed and distance.

Hit It Straighter

To hit the ball straighter, control your transition.

In short, your transition indicates whether you will hook or slice the ball. To hit the ball straight, aim to keep this number as close to zero as possible.

Hit It Closer

Finally, you can dial in your wedges by practicing your length of backswing.

By learning how your distances respond to various backswing lengths, you can start to rely less on feel and more on precise measurements.

dewiz discovery mode
Discovery mode helps you capture data for numerous swings.

One particular data point that has helped my game is the transition distance.

Essentially, this number measures how the downswing compares to the backswing on your swing plane. If the transition number is significantly positive, you’ll probably slice the ball. Too negative, and you’ll likely hit a hook.

With my bad swings, my motion tends to get too over-the-top. The deWiz gave me instant feedback on this, giving me a target of neutral transition.

dewiz transition
The deWiz helped me recognize bad swings, and aim to keep my transition as close to neutral to avoid slices.

Once you’ve collected a reasonable number of shots, you can further analyze your numbers on the deWiz website with its insights.

This section stacks all your data against the deWiz ambassadors.

By comparing your swing to huge names like Bryson DeChambeau, Vijay Singh, Henrik Stenson, and Annika Sorenstam, you can set actionable targets to improve.

dewiz insights
With Insights, you can compare your data to deWiz ambassadors.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is the best golf training aid I’ve tested. It’s highly intuitive and gives you real and accurate numbers to help dial in your swing.

It’s not cheap. But, if you’re serious about your game, the deWiz gives you valuable information. Similar to how a launch monitor will read your club data and ball flight, the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier will fix your swing mechanics.

Whenever I’m going through trouble with my swing, I’ll be throwing the deWiz back on my wrist to compare the numbers to the historical data.

Check out the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier here.

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