RIPIT Taps Up Three Artists for its Latest Grip Series

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RIPIT’s “Artist Series” golf grips — designed by Evan Weselmann, Domenico Carnimeo, and Nori Okawa — capture bold, artistic flair in a performance golf grip.

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I’m a huge fan of RIPIT Grips. They’re an upcoming Aussie brand with a mission to add style to your golf clubs through their colorful and eccentric grip designs.

Their latest collection — the “Artist Series” — features unique designs from three artists:

  • EW — designed by Evan Weselmann
  • Otter Boy — designed by Domenico Carnimeo
  • Sparkling Snake — designed by Nori Okawa



The EW grip is designed by Evan Weselmann — an artist who has collaborated with Samsung, Kid Cudi, Vice, and Chet Faker in his illustrious career.

Available in two bold colorways, this grip will add flair and character to your clubs.

Get the RIPIT EW Grip here.

Otter Boy

otter boy

Designed by Domenico Carnimeo, the Otter Boy grip features bold patterns and “captures the essence of the dynamic connection between the player and the game.”

Otter Boy is available in three colorways: Navy, Yellow, and Black.

Get the RIPIT Otter Boy here.

Sparkling Snake

sparkling snake

Sparkling Snake is the final design in the series, designed by Japanese artist Nori Okawa. Her vision captures a golf ball metamorphosing into a stunning serpent — trippy!

It’s available in three colors: Burnt Cream, Aqua, and Black.

Get the RIPIT Sparkling Snake Grip here.

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