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The Wellputt Classic Putting Mat stands out for its quick setup, dual-speed greens, and visual aids aimed at improving aim and speed control. It’s an engaging practice tool with a high-quality design, offering varied games and challenges to enhance your putting skills from the comfort of home.

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Did you know — 45% of the strokes taken on the golf course are with the putter?

Putting practice is the quickest and easiest way to knock a few shots off your round.

Wellputt produces training aids to help you putt better. Their putting mats are designed to dial in your accuracy distance control, from the comfort of your home.

In this review, we tested the Wellputt Classic Putting Mat.

First Impressions

When I rolled out the Wellputt for the first time, I was astonished at how quickly it lay flat.

Every other putting mat I’d tried in the past took hours — or even days — to flatten. With the Wellputt, it took a matter of minutes for the edges to settle down.

wellputt classic putting mat
I was surprised at how quickly the edges of the mat settled, and it lay perfectly flat.

How the Wellputt Classic Mat Works

In the words of Wellputt, “A great putt is the result of good aiming and speed control.”

The premise of the Wellputt Classic Putting Mat is that it can played from either end of the mat to target aim and speed control at two green speeds — 11.5ft and 10ft on the stimp.

Aim Control

aim control

From one end of the mat, the goal is to work on aim control.

Essentially, you’re aiming at the orange hole. Putt from one of the small black circles, or from the white ones on the central line, and roll the ball through the orange hole.

When practicing aim control, the Wellputt mat rolls at 11.5ft on the stimp. The orange and black target zone encourages you to roll your putts about 2 feet past the hole into the “good zone”. Leave it short, and you’ll end up in the “bad zone”.

wellputt classic putting mat zones
The “good zone” encourages you to leave putts 2 feet past the hole.

I often make the mistake of trying to dribble my putts into the hole. This either means I leave it short, or the ball tends to catch a lot of the break just before the hole.

The idea is that you have more chance of making a putt at this speed, rather than dripping into the hole where it can deviate off-line with small bumps on the green’s surface.

Speed Control

speed control

From the other end of the mat, your challenge is to dial in speed control.

Putting from the orange circle markings, pick one of the green or black stripes zones to stop the ball inside. This gives you a range of distances from 6ft to 12ft to work on.

In this direction, the Wellputt mat rolls at 10ft on the stimp. This is slightly slower, allowing you to train for greens that aren’t lightning quick.

wellputt game modes

Visual Aids

The mat uses several visual aids for practice. Specifically, these are designed to help with body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude, and eye positioning.

For instance, alignment lines help you square your putter face to the target when dialing in your accuracy. Dashed lines give you an indication to the optimal length of stroke.

wellputt classic putting mat iso

What’s in the Box?

In this box, along with the putting mat, you receive a training book. This contains several handy putting games and challenges to help you maximize your putting practice.

The core games are titled “The Good Zone” and “The Distance Dialer” — with the goal of improving aim control and distance control as mentioned previously.

wellputt putting games
The training book gamifies the mat, making putting practice feel fun and intuitive.

On top of this, the training book outlines several color-coded “courses” to gamify your putting practice. The idea is to putt from different spots on the mat toward various targets, switching up your practice and helping you gain confidence from any distance.

The mat itself is made to a really high standard. The upper surface rolls true, and the grippy rubber underside keeps the mat in place, preventing it from slipping or bunching up.

wellputt classic putting mat rubber underside

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable indoor putting mat to help dial in your putting practice, the Wellputt Classic Putting Mat is hard to beat.

With variable green speeds and numerous visual aids to switch up your practice, it’s a fundamental tool that will knock strokes off your round.

I keep mine rolled out indoors, and I can’t resist hitting a few putts every time I walk past!

Check out the Wellputt Classic Putting Mat here.

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