RIPIT Grips Review: Turn Your Clubs Into Art

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RIPIT grips combine style and substance, offering a soft, weather-resistant feel with bold, personalized designs. They provide a fun, unique touch to golf clubs, without compromising grip and performance. Perfect for golfers looking to express themselves on the course.

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Gone are the days of boring golf grips. Aussie brand RIPIT creates eclectic grips for those players who want to make a bold impression on the course.

But, it’s not all about the visuals. These grips promise a “soft and velvety texture” to maximize grip, through the combination of natural and synthetic rubbers.

In this review, we take a look at how RIPIT grips can elevate your golf clubs.


Without a doubt, the most striking element of these grips is their appearance.

RIPIT grips have several colorful and quirky designs. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your golf clubs more than ever before.

There are currently 14 different designs on offer, with everything from beer and marijuana to geometric patterns — each available in numerous colors.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the color and graphic combinations available. While not for everyone, these grips embody a fun side to the game we all love.

ripit grips designs
Pictured from left: The Daily Diet, The Squiggle & Take A Trip.

For this review, RIPIT sent over The Full Set. This jumbo box includes 13 swing grips, a putter grip, and a 50-pack of mixed tees.

This unboxing experience is nothing short of special!

The blacked-out box — emblazoned with several popular RIPIT designs — hinges open to reveal all fourteen grips stacked alongside each other.

ripit grips packaging
The blacked-out packaging box is exquisite.

RIPIT has done a fantastic job of crafting its brand identity. The designs are bold and quirky, allowing golfers to express themselves on the course.

Take a moment to appreciate the quality of their visual content:


It’s important not to understate the importance of the grip in the golf swing. After all, it’s the sole point of connection we have with the club.

Fortunately, RIPIT grips are not only about the visuals.

Made with a high percentage of natural rubber combined with synthetic rubber, RIPIT has formulated a long-lasting, soft, and weather-resistant grip.

ripit grips unique grip patterns
Each grip design features unique grooves.

What sets these grips apart from the rest is the intricate patterns that feature grooves built into the designs. It’s a combination of style and performance.

In addition, RIPIT grips have a gentle taper that ranges from 27.5mm in diameter at the tip down to 16.75mm at the base of the grip. This enhances the performance of the grip by preventing the club from slipping during the swing.

ripit grips labels
The gentle taper improves performance in all weather.

Final Thoughts

RIPIT grips allow you to personalize your golf clubs while providing soft feel and excellent grip in all conditions. It’s artwork for your clubs!

As RIPIT says: “Golf clubs are an extension of your body, so why shouldn’t they be an extension of your style?” We find it hard to disagree.

Check out RIPIT Grips here.

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