GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 Rangefinder Review

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The GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 Rangefinder offers exceptional value at under $100. It’s quick and easy to set up, has two highly accurate golf modes, and a 650-yard range. With features like pin-lock and slope adjustment, it’s a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t fall short on precision or usability.

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I’ve never been a huge rangefinder user. Instead, I like to glance down at a GPS watch to get a rough gauge of distance to help with club selection.

However, some golfers swear by the accuracy on offer with a rangefinder.

Today, most rangefinders on the market fall between $150 and $300. At less than $100, the GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 has the potential to be a great budget pick.

In this review, we put the GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 rangefinder to the test.

The GS24 comes with a padded carrying case.

First Impressions

The GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 comes in a sturdy, padded case, along with a microfiber lens cloth, carrying strap, and instruction manual.

Open up the case, and you’ll find a device that’s equally sturdy and durable. This is vital, as rangefinders should hold up well to being dropped and thrown around.

Ergonomically, the rangefinder feels great in my hand. It’s lightweight and comfortable to hold in one hand thanks to the molded thumb grip.

gogogo sport vpro setup
It’s small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

Set-Up & Ease of Use

The GS24 runs on two AAA batteries, which you’ll probably have lying around!

Operationally, the GS24 is nice and simple to use. On the top of the device, you’ll find the power button. Press once to turn it on, and again to get your distance.

The second button cycles between two golf modes:

  • M1 gets simple straight-line distances.
  • M2 activates pin lock, vibration alert, and slope adjustment.

A long press of the mode button allows you to switch between yards and meters.

The GS24 features two simple buttons for ease of use.

Performance & Accuracy

For a sub-$100 rangefinder, the GS24 truly packs a punch!

I found the M2 mode to be the most useful. After lining up the crosshairs with your target, press the power button and the GS24 will give you a precise straight-line yardage, along with a slope-adjusted yardage and the degree of slope.

I have a stigma that rangefinders are a hassle to use. But with the pin-lock feature, it only takes a couple of seconds to know your exact distance into the flag.

The M2 mode provides straight-line and slope-adjusted distances.

While GPS watches are handy for getting a distance to the front, center, and back of the green, nothing beats having a precise number to the flag.

For instance, I often found myself switching clubs once I knew the slope-adjusted yardage to the pin. This should give me a better chance of making one and two-putts, knocking a few shots off my round over time.

The GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 has a maximum range of 650 yards, giving you accurate yardage numbers even on the longest of par 5 holes.

To focus the viewport, you just have to rotate the dial. I found the GS24 remained in focus 99% of the time, only ever becoming blurry at very close range.

The feature-packed GS24 is an excellent budget rangefinder.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 Rangefinder is comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly — accurate. Plus, it’s excellent value at under $100.

Despite being so well-priced, it doesn’t lack features. The GS24 has everything you need with 650 yards of range, instant slope-adjusted yardages, and pin-locking.

If you’re on the fence about investing in a rangefinder, consider the GS24!

Check out the GoGoGo Sport VPro GS24 Rangefinder here.

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