Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 Putter Review

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Jan 15, 2024



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The Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 Putter combines a premium fang-shaped head, adjustable weights, and a milled aluminum face insert for superior feel and forgiveness. Ideal for golfers seeking a blend of tradition and innovation, it delivers consistent roll for excellent performance on the greens.

Reasons to buy

Highly premium appearance

Forgiving mallet head shape

Sleek hosel design

Fantastic grip

Reasons to avoid

If you prefer a blade putter

As the name suggests, Evnroll’s Neo Classic line is about the revival of its classics.

The Neo Classic ER5 retains a lot of the DNA from the original fang-shaped putter but with a few design and performance tweaks. This includes subtle reshaping of the stainless steel head and the introduction of a face insert and a replaceable weight system.

Let’s dive into the appearance — and it’s a beauty.


evnroll neo classic er5 putter main shot
Everything about the Neo Classic ER5 looks highly premium.

The Neo Classic ER5 mallet putter borrows its “fang” shape from the original ER5.

Fang putters aren’t a new phenomenon, but they’re popular for a reason. The metal prongs act as stabilizers in the putting stroke, pushing differential weight to the edges to improve MOI, forgiveness, and stability — particularly with off-center hits.

On the sole of the putter, Evnroll has equipped the Neo Classic series with an adjustable weight system. These weights range from 12.5 grams to 42.5 grams each, giving you scope to add up to 85 grams of weight to the head should you prefer a heavier feel.

evnroll neo classic er5 behind the ball
Behind the ball, the fang-shaped head fills you with confidence.

Evnroll’s Neo Classic ER5 is made from 303 Stainless Steel and features a sleeker design than its predecessor. The top line is slightly more refined for a better top-down view.

At address, the ER5 sits very nicely. I’m particularly fond of the sleek and unobtrusive single-bend hosel, which helps you focus on the putting stroke without visual clutter.

Rather than leaving a space between the fangs, the ER5 has a thinner section of metal. This houses the sight line while influencing the feel and center of gravity of the putter.

Sound & Feel

The face insert offers a unique, pleasing feel. Side note: check out that beautiful headcover!

Having previously enjoyed the milled Evnroll ER2 Putter, I was intrigued to see how the use of a milled aluminum face insert altered the sound and feel of the Neo Classic ER5.

Thankfully, the new face feels excellent. If anything, putts feel slightly softer without having any impact on distance control. This softness is probably due to the inclusion of a polymer layer, which sits behind the outer aluminum face insert.

The face is precision milled from 6061 aluminum and includes Evnroll’s patented SweetFace groove technology. Putts come off the face with a satisfying *tock* sound.

evnroll neo classic er5 putter grip
As usual, the Evnroll TourTac grip feels incredible in your hands.

For me, a big part of what makes this putter feel so great is the Evnroll TourTac grip.

Ergonomically, it’s just about the perfect diameter. Not too thin to encourage too much wrist action, and not too thick to remove all the feel from your putting stroke.

A flat-fronted pistol grip shape gives you a consistent place to rest your thumbs, while the tacky outer layer is super comfortable and helps the grip feel secure in your palms.


evnroll neo classic er5 putter performance
The ER5 performed very well for me during testing.

Evnroll’s name derives from its promise of “Even Roll” distance control. This technology allows both center and off-center hits to travel the same distance.

In testing the Neo Classic ER5, I found this to be very true. A handful of times, I missed the center of the face and was rewarded with a very solid roll and no drop-off in distance. The forgiving nature of the fang-shaped head also helped it feel very stable.

When testing the ER5 through 18 holes, I made several memorable long putts. It’s hard to quantify what makes a putter perform well, but the Neo Classic ER5 just works.

evnroll neo classic er5 putter rear

Final Thoughts

The Neo Classic ER5 takes the original ER5 to another level with its sleek and refined head shape, milled aluminum face insert, and adjustable weight system.

Not only does the ER5 look fantastic, but it performs. Off the face, it feels nice and soft, and the grooves provide a consistently smooth roll for excellent distance control.

If you’re looking to upgrade your putter, the Neo Classic ER5 is one to consider.

Get the Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 Putter here.

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