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The Takomo IGNIS Fairway Wood offers a sleek, modern design with an adjustable loft. It features a stealthy appearance, with great sound and feel, along with customizable launch options. It’s forgiving, easy to swing, and stylish, though not quite as affordable as other Takomo offerings.

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We’ve tested a few Takomo products here at Pitchmarks. The 101 irons and Skyforger wedges are quality, yet highly affordable golf clubs.

Now, the Finnish DTC brand has introduced its fairway wood — IGNIS. In this review, I tested the blacked-out Takomo IGNIS fairway wood.

TLDR; it certainly hits the standards set by the irons and wedges.

Key Specs

Head3 Wood5 Wood7 Wood
Adjustability+/- 2°+/- 2°+/- 2°
Swing WeightD2D2D2

Available in three standard lofts, the IGNIS fairway wood is fitted with an adjustable hosel offering a loft range of 4 degrees. All woods feature a D2 swing weight.

Let’s dive into the appearance of the club.


takomo ignis top down
The Takomo IGNIS 7 wood at address.

In three words, this club looks stealthy, sleek, and modern.

The head employs a monochromatic finish with a subtle woven carbon fiber effect on the crown. The entire crown features a matt coating, which looks great behind the ball and provides minimal glare even on the sunniest of days.

Glossy and matt materials offer a contrasting look on the sole of the club. The branding is minimal, and the signature white Takomo logo oozes class.

takomo ignis rear weight
Contrasting glossy and matt materials look premium and appealing.

Sound & Feel

Off the face, the IGNIS fairway wood sounds and feels great.

Regardless of where you catch the ball on the clubface, the IGNIS responds with a satisfying and meaty *crack* along with minimal vibration.

takomo ignis face
The clubface is fairly deep and inviting.

The club uses a True Temper Hzrdus shaft. Choose between the Hzrdus Smoke Red RDX and Smoke Black RDX depending on your individual needs. I went with Smoke Red as the Black version is too low-launching for my swing speed.

As with all Takomo clubs, the IGNIS is specced with a Lamkin Crossline grip which offers a reliable feel and grip in all weather. I tested the club on a drizzly day, and the grip kept my hands engaged with the club without any slipping.

takomo ignis grip and shaft
The IGNIS ships with a Lamkin crossline grip and Hzrdus shaft.


This club is easy to swing. I tested the 7 wood version and it was easy to launch the ball in the air with a smooth swing. You don’t need to force the ball airborne, just trust the loft and the club provides a reliable ball flight.

After hitting a few off the mat, I tested some shots from a fairway lie. The club glides nicely across the turf, so you can afford to catch the ball slightly fat and still achieve a similar launch and distance to a flushed strike.

takomo ignis hosel adjustment
All Takomo woods are fitted with a dial adjustable hosel for simple loft altering.

The club head is on the larger side when compared with other fairway woods. This helps to encourage forgiveness, offering a broader sweet spot.

At the rear of the club, interchangeable tungsten weights (15g, 20g, and 25g) allow you to alter the launch properties. Fitting the lighter weight produces a flatter ball flight, while heavier weights will encourage a higher launch angle.

takomo ignis headcover
The two-tone leather headcover adds a premium touch.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the IGNIS fairway wood is another reliable offering from Takomo. While it’s not as affordable as the brand’s iron offerings, it doesn’t lack in quality.

It looks great, it’s easy to hit, and it performs well. What more could you want?

Check out the Takomo IGNIS Fairway Wood here.

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