Vokey Wedge Finishes: The Complete Guide

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Since Bob Vokey joined the Titleist team in 1996, the brand has consistently released premium wedges to suit all players — from amateurs to tour pros.

Vokey wedges are known to be highly customizable. There are several loft, bounce, and grind combinations to fit a variety of skill levels and course conditions.

However, there are also several Vokey wedge finishes to choose between.

In this article, I’ll guide you through each type of finish. By the end, you’ll be able to decide which is best for you from both a durability and aesthetics standpoint.

Ready? Let’s crack on!

Vokey Wedge Finishes

Currently, Titleist offers three Vokey wedge finishes for their latest SM9 lineup:

Let’s dive into each finish in some detail.

Tour Chrome

vokey sm9 tour chrome
I’m a huge fan of my Vokey SM9s in the Tour Chrome finish.

The Vokey finish that will stay in its “new” state the longest — barring rocks and cart paths — is Tour Chrome. It’s a simple polished silver finish that is recognized as the most common finish in golf and will stay shiny the longest of all options.

I’ve had a set of Tour Chrome Vokey SM9s in the bag for some time, and it’s by far my favorite of all the Vokey wedge finishes. Simply put, it’s classic.

To keep these wedges in the best condition, you’ll want to take good care of them. This means brushing and wiping them down after every shot since residue left can begin to dull the finish. Although, for some, that might be a good thing!

Arguably the biggest criticism of Tour Chrome wedges is the amount of glare that reflects off the face, particularly on the high-lofted lob wedges. However, it rarely bothers me and I enjoy having a matching finish to my set of irons.

Most Durable Finish
Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome


+ Loads of options to choose from
+ Precise milled grooves for great spin
+ Durable finish will remain shiny


– Premium price point

Jet Black

vokey sm9 jet black

The Jet Black finish is undeniably cool. It provides a sleek look and reduces sun glare to non-existent levels. For golfers in sunnier places, it’s a top choice.

If glare bothers you, this is the best Vokey wedge finish you’ll find. The dark finish absorbs the light, keeping you focused on the ball at all times. Not to mention, you won’t find a set of new wedges that look better in the bag than these.

However, the downside of the Jet Black finish is that it wears over time, regardless of how well you care for it. Even brushing your clubs can leave faint scratch marks.

To top it all off, if you constantly miss the center of the face then it’s going to be obvious — even for those who don’t see you out on the course!

Personally, I want my clubs to look as close to new as possible. While the black finish looks incredible out of the wrapper, I can’t stand the sight of the wear.

Nevertheless, this is just cosmetic wear. The clubs will perform at a consistently high level long after the finish fades. It’s just a question of personal taste.

Most Sleek Finish
Vokey SM9 Jet Black


+ Loads of options to choose from
+ Precise milled grooves for great spin
+ Finish eliminates any reflective glare


– Black finish will wear over time

Brushed Steel

vokey sm9 brushed steel

Finally, Brushed Steel is a satin finish that sits somewhere between Tour Chrome and Jet Black in terms of sheen. It takes elements of those two finishes and brings them together in a classy aesthetic that looks good and is durable.

Simply put, Brushed Steel is a great choice for many golfers because it will look exactly the same for several months and even years after purchase.

It won’t be the flashiest when you first put it in your bag, but it cuts out more glare than Tour Chrome and stays new-looking longer than the Jet Black finish. 

One overlooked thing with wedge finishes is how nicks and dings will appear over time. While we all want to avoid little scratches, they’re inevitable.

With the Brushed Steel finish, there’s less color contrast between the finish and the underlying material. That way, these annoying scratches show up less visibly.

Vokey SM9 Brushed Steel


+ Loads of options to choose from
+ Precise milled grooves for great spin
+ Great-looking finish with minimal glare


– Premium price point

Vokey Wedge FAQs

Here are some common questions regarding Vokey wedges:

Will Vokey Brushed Steel Wedges Rust?

Vokey wedges with a Brushed Steel finish will not rust without incredible neglect.

As with all golf clubs, you’ll definitely notice some wear over time — depending on the hours you put in with them. However, they won’t show signs of rust as the finish is incredibly durable and guards against the elements very well.

If a rusty wedge is something you’re after, you’ll want to go with a raw finish.

However, premium wedges like Vokey SM9s are so advanced that the milling and design will out-spin even the rustiest wedge in your basement or garage.

What Is a Raw Finish on a Wedge?

A raw finish wedge is one that doesn’t have a finish or a “paint job.”

Raw wedges have a rougher face than those with a coated finish and will develop a rusty patina over time. This can increase spin, particularly in wet conditions

For the mid to high-handicap golfer, these aren’t the best idea. They require constant upkeep and without the ability to spin the ball or pull off crazy flop shots to begin with, they can be more trouble than they’re worth.

WedgeWorks vs SM9: What’s the Difference?

In short, Vokey SM9 wedges are off-the-shelf, while WedgeWorks is a premium and highly custom offering at a premium price point.

“WedgeWorks brings the tour experience to all golfers.”


Despite the fact they come in a large variety of loft, bounce, and grind options, Vokey SM9 wedges are considered stock clubs. They can be purchased in many golf retailers, online or in-store with your preferred options.

Conversely, WedgeWorks is an option available to all golfers through Titleist. It allows you to customize your wedges for performance and profile.  

Here’s the process. You start with an SM9 wedge, and it is ground in different ways to give you a competitive advantage. On the performance side, some golfers take a little off the heel, and others “wear down” the leading and trailing edge.

On the profile side, you can customize the shape of your head. This is primarily for golfers to feel more comfortable at address by making wedges fit the profile of less lofted clubs, like short irons and pitching wedges.

So how do you know when you see a WedgeWorks Vokey out in the wild? Often, you can tell from the custom wedge stamping and paint fill. Much like a Scotty Cameron sent to the Custom Shop, these wedges let you show personality.

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