FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon Golf Shoe Review

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Feb 15, 2024



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The FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon golf shoe offers enhanced traction, stability, and comfort in a modern, sporty design. Its new PWR TRAX traction system and carbon fiber 3D X-Wing provide grip and stability, making it ideal for walking and swinging with confidence. With its premium look, 100% waterproof leather, and no break-in comfort, it’s a top pick.

Reasons to buy

Wide base offers lots of stability

Comfortable out of the box

Premium & sporty design

Reasons to avoid

Chunky soles aren’t for everyone

Eight years after launching the original Pro/SL, FootJoy has released its successor to the #1 shoe in golf. The Pro/SLX Carbon offers a bold, athletic take on the spikeless golf shoe and is packed with advanced traction, control, and comfort for the golf course.


footjoy pro/slx carbon golf shoe side
The FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon is a modern take on the popular Pro/SL predecessor.

With the Pro/SLX, FootJoy has elevated the look of its popular spikeless golf shoe.

Though recognizably still a member of the Pro/SL family, the updated model has some new flashy elements on show. On first look, my eye was drawn to the heel stabilizer, which now wraps around the shoe’s exterior. This also houses the sleek, debossed FJ branding.

The majority of the shoe’s upper is constructed from lovely soft leather, which looks great and feels premium to the touch. It has the added benefit of being 100% waterproof.

Pro/SLX Carbon is available in three colorways: White, Black, and a hero White/Black/Blue model, which we were fortunate enough to test. While I’m not completely sold on the use of a color gradient in the midsole area, it does make the shoe eye-catching.


footjoy pro/slx carbon golf shoe top
I found the Pro/SLX comfortable out of the box, with zero break-in period.

One of the key qualities of a successful golf shoe is comfort. Since we regularly wear them for over four hours at a time, often walking several miles in the process, comfort is vital.

The FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon is very comfortable.

In testing, I walked a full 18 holes and found there to be zero break-in period. This was largely helped by the 3D-molded collar, which effectively hugs your ankle while keeping it locked in. The raised heel tab also makes it very easy to slide the shoe on, without the need to loosen the laces off every time you put them on.

Underfoot, the Pro/SLX offers lots of cushioning. The thickness of the StratoFoam midsole takes some getting used to at first, but the comfort benefits speak for themselves. Inside, the shoe includes OrthoLite insoles for an added layer of padded comfort.


footjoy pro/slx carbon golf shoe sole
The Pro/SLX Carbon features FootJoy’s most advanced spikeless outsole.

Perhaps the most significant development with the new Pro/SLX is the outsole.

For this shoe, FootJoy has developed a new traction system called PWR TRAX. It consists of a 3D X-Wing and a Race Trak Outsole, working to provide grip on the golf course.

Wrapping the perimeter of the shoe, the Race Trak Outsole — mimicking the shape of a race track — offers a continuous point of contact with the ground. Rounded rubber nubs below the heel and toe areas offer traction when walking, and radial grips in the midsection of the outsole provide no-slip grip during the golf swing.

Despite the lack of spikes, I found the outsole provided ample grip — even when testing in slightly damp conditions. The versatility of spikeless golf shoes is always a bonus, allowing you to rock up to the course in your shoes without needing to change into them.


footjoy pro/slx carbon golf shoe front
The wide platform offers lots of stability in the swing, and while walking the course.

Made from carbon fiber, the 3D X-Wing provides stability during your swing.

The X-Wing is a frame that distributes energy to the perimeter of the outsole. This helps with the rigidity of the shoe, minimizing the amount of energy lost in the golf swing.

But while the X-Wing makes the shoe feel stable in the swing, there is still equally important flexibility. I found the Pro/SLX to strike a good balance between stability and comfort, making it a great shoe to walk 18 holes in without your feet getting fatigued.

footjoy pro/slx carbon golf shoe heel detail
The external heel stabilizer offers a unique and modern look.

Final Thoughts

The FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon is a great golf shoe that demonstrates major improvements over its predecessor. Most notably, the unique outsole offers solid grip and stability.

Ample foam cushioning makes walking 18 holes in this shoe a breeze — though it can take some getting used to the chunky midsole if you’re used to flatter golf shoes.

If you’re looking for a premium and advanced spikeless golf shoe, add the Pro/SLX to your shortlist. Go with the Carbon model for the added carbon fiber X-Wing technology.

Check out the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon Golf Shoes here.

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