Malbon x New Balance Heritage Golf Shoe Review

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The Malbon x New Balance Heritage Golf Shoe blends style and functionality, embodying the trendy “dad sneaker” aesthetic. Lightweight and versatile, it features waterproof microfiber leather, breathable mesh, and a sole with SoftSpikes for traction. Designed for all seasons and conditions, it requires no break-in period and offers comfort and stability on the golf course.

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Several months back, Malbon and New Balance released the Heritage golf shoe.

Designed to be stylish yet functional, these shoes embody the trendy “dad sneaker” look that has become synonymous with the New Balance brand.

As an owner of several pairs of comfortable NBs, I was intrigued to see how well this pair works on the golf course. After all, footwear is essential in this game.

Today, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

malbon new balance iso
The Malbon x New Balance Heritage.

First Impressions

The shoe is very lightweight, aided by the use of synthetic materials.

Waterproof microfiber leather and breathable mesh uppers combine to make this shoe perform in all seasons — both hot and cold.

Microfiber leather is around 30% lighter than real leather, and you can truly feel the weight savings when you spend several hours walking 18 holes.

malbon new balance top down
The blue and cream tones work very well on this particular model.

My first thought when looking at these shoes is that they looked more like a pair of sneakers than a performance golf shoe.

However, after using the shoe for a scorching hot week in Dubai — followed by a drizzly week in the UK — I can safely say the shoe fits the bill as an all-rounder.

The trainer-style design works with both shorts and long pants, which is important when choosing a shoe that will work all year round.

malbon new balance sole
The sole of the shoe features SoftSpikes for added traction.

One particular area where the Heritage excels is in traction.

The shoe features a proprietary sole design, with a combination of molded rubber grips and removable SoftSpikes.

As a golfer who primarily uses spikeless golf shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the SoftSpikes are very unobtrusive. You can walk on cart paths and indoors without feeling like you’re wearing spikes at all.

But on the course, the sole design allows you to trust your footing and commit to swings — even on funky lies.

As mentioned, I used this shoe both in Dubai and the UK with ease.

The SoftSpikes allow the shoe to be worn indoors.

Amazingly, I found there to be zero break-in period. I played several 18-hole rounds without getting any blisters.

The shoe felt sturdy, yet comfortable. This is aided by the flexibility of the mesh elements in the shoe, which have more “give” than a traditional leather pair.

In addition, the thick foam sole offers plenty of cushioning underfoot.

malbon new balance mesh detail
Breathable mesh elements reduce the weight of the shoe, and increase comfort in hotter conditions.

Going back to the appearance, I think Malbon and New Balance have put together a great design that will suit a wide variety of golfers.

For this review, they sent a blue pair. I love the contrasting navy tones, along with the aged cream look of the midsole and matching laces.

Subtle Malbon branding on the heel and tongue cap off the look.

malbon new balance heel detail
Subtle Malbon heel branding.

Final Thoughts

The Malbon x New Balance Heritage Golf Shoe is an excellent all-rounder.

You get the reliability of a New Balance shoe, in a design that is well on-trend in this day and age. And while it is a spiked shoe, the SoftSpikes are removable should you prefer a spikeless golf shoe.

It’s not a cheap shoe, retailing at $170 for the pair. However, I think they look great and will go with almost every outfit on the golf course.

But most importantly, they’re comfortable. The lightweight, breathable construction means you can easily walk 18 holes. Trust me, your feet will thank you for it.

Check out the Malbon x New Balance Heritage Golf Shoes here.

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