Malbon x Adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoe Review

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The Malbon x Adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoe combines the iconic design of the classic sneaker with golf-specific upgrades. Featuring a waterproof synthetic upper and a grippy spikeless sole, it offers style and practicality for the course and beyond. While not the most cushioned, its close-to-the-ground feel and durability make it a worthy choice for fashion-conscious golfers.

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Close your eyes and picture a classic white sneaker…

Chances are, it looks a lot like the classic Stan Smith! What started as a modest tennis shoe more than 50 years ago has become one of the most popular shoes of all time.

Fast-growing LA-based golf brand Malbon has teamed up with Adidas yet again, this time producing a golf version of the iconic Stan Smith shoe.

In this review, we test the Malbon x Adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoe on the course.


If you’re a fan of the classic Stan Smith silhouette, you’ll love this golf shoe.

Visually, the shoe is almost identical to the original.

There are subtle differences, however. For one, rather than the perforated three stripes on the side panel, this collaboration is marked by the Malbon “m” script logo.

adidas x malbon stan smith golf shoe side
The iconic Stan Smith silhouette is decorated with a perforated Malbon “m” logo.

Another key difference to the traditional Stan Smith is the material used. For this golf shoe version, Adidas has gone with a waterproof synthetic upper, rather than leather.

On the one hand, it’s a shame to move away from the soft leather material. However, waterproofing and durability are both important requirements for golf shoes. The TPU upper will make this pair last longer, and remain looking fresh after many rounds.

The shoe is finished in a beautiful off-white colorway, matching the timeless design.

adidas x malbon stan smith golf shoe
This classic spikeless shoe will pair with anything — both on and off the course.

Comfort & Performance

Let’s get this straight, the Stan Smith isn’t the most comfortable golf shoe.

Being a flat-soled sneaker, it lacks some cushioning and bounce you’ll find on specialist golf shoes like the PUMA PHANTOMCAT NITRO or the ECCO LT1.

However, a flat-sole golf shoe can be a great option if you like to feel as close to the ground as possible in your golf swing. One of the reasons I keep returning to my Jordan 1 G is that it helps me feel rooted to the ground in my swing — almost like a barefoot sensation.

adidas x malbon stan smith golf shoe front
The Stan Smith golf shoe sits close to the ground, like a Jordan 1 G.

The synthetic upper feels a little tight and stiff at first. However, it performs remarkably similar to real leather in that it stretches and molds to your feet after a couple of hours.

As for traction, the Stan Smith is one of the grippier spikeless golf shoes I’ve tested. The navy sole of the shoe features hundreds of small rubber nubs, each providing a point of contact with the ground.

While the Stan Smith won’t beat a spiked golf shoe for traction in wetter conditions, it’s a great option for playing in the dry spring and summer months.

adidas x malbon stan smith golf shoe sole
The spikeless sole offers lots of “nubs” that provide good traction.

Even if you encounter mud or dirt on the course, it can easily be wiped off thanks to the synthetic material. This will help the shoe remain fresh for many rounds to come.

As a fashion-forward shoe, the Stan Smith is highly versatile. It’s designed to be worn on and off the golf course, so you don’t have to worry about changing into golf shoes.

adidas x malbon stan smith golf shoe tongue
Malbon x Adidas tongue detail.

Final Thoughts

The Malbon x Adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoe is stylish and versatile, so you can rock these on and off the course. At the same time, the spikeless rubber sole offers plenty of grip.

While it would have been nice to retain the leather uppers from the original design, the synthetic alternative is waterproof and probably better suited for the golf course.

Overall, it’s a solid golf shoe. If you love the design, grab yourself a pair!

Check out the Malbon x Adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoes here.

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