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The G/FORE Gallivan2r combines the classic style of the Gallivanter with modern, lightweight comfort, featuring a waterproof TPU upper and colorful sole. With no break-in period required and exceptional comfort, it’s ideal for golfers seeking a versatile, stylish shoe that performs all year round.

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Los Angeles brand G/FORE is on a mission to intersect modern design and youthful design with golf’s rich traditions.

Recently, we reviewed their G/LOCK Gallivanter, which provided a spiked alternative to the popular Gallivanter lineup.

The new Gallivan2r takes on a lighter approach, meshing the traditional looks of the Gallivanter with the lightweight comfort of the brand’s MG4 shoe.

In this review, we put the new Gallivan2r Golf Shoes to the test.


The Gallivan2r adopts the classic looks of the original Gallivanter. However, it’s made with a waterproof TPU upper instead of leather.

Lightweight EVA is used for the midsole, which is layered with an “auxetic lattice” sidewall for a modern touch — similar to the appearance of Adidas Boost.

But as with many of G/FORE’s golf shoes, the most visually striking element of the Gallivan2r is on the underside with the colorful and vibrant sole.

g/fore gallivan2r sole
The sole features all-new G/POD cleats for all-round traction.

For this review, we were sent the white/twilight colorway. This features a bright pink sole topped with purple, orange, yellow, and red spikes. Lots of color!

While the G/LOCKs features Softspikes, the Gallivan2r utilizes the all-new G/POD cleat system that offers 13 points of contact with the ground.

g/fore gallivan2r spikes
The low-profile cleats offer 13 points of contact with the ground.

On Feet

On foot, the Gallivan2r exudes class. It’s a fresh and modern upgrade to the Gallivanter, which has been a popular model for several years now.

This particular white and navy colorway looks fantastic. I think it would pair well with any pants or shorts — regardless of the season.

g/fore gallivan2r on feet
The Gallivan2rs look classy on foot.

I tested this pair on a wintery British day. The waterproof TPU upper made it easy to clean off any mud, protecting the crisp white colorway.

The synthetic upper also responds well to crouching, without leaving any visible crease lines. Over time, I think the Gallivan2r will age very well.

Comfort & Performance

g/fore gallivan2r heel
Synthetic materials allow for significant weight savings.

The Gallivan2r is a very comfortable golf shoe!

By using 100% synthetic materials rather than leather elements, G/FORE has stripped away lots of weight. This makes them a joy to walk the course in.

One aspect of the shoe that I highly appreciate is the padded heel. With its curved shape, it makes it easy to slip the shoe on without loosening the laces.

g/fore gallivan2r insole
The padded heel and nubbed insole offer exceptional comfort.

After wearing the shoes fresh out of the box for 18 holes, I found there to be zero break-in period. With many new pairs of golf shoes, I experience heel blisters on first wear from the rubbing — the heel cushioning eliminated this.

As for traction, Since the G/POD spikes are fairly low profile, they don’t offer quite as much grip as the G/LOCK system we recently tested in the Gallivanters.

However, I believe this makes them more of an all-round golf shoe. The spikes offer solid grip in soft conditions, and will also perform on dry, hard courses.

g/fore gallivan2r on feet 2
It’s easy to walk 18 holes in the super-comfy Gallivan2rs.

Final Thoughts

The Gallivan2r upgrades a traditional silhouette with modern technology and lightweight comfort, making them easy to wear through 18 holes.

While the spikes don’t offer quite as much traction as the G/LOCK Gallivanters, they work well in all seasons and can be worn comfortably indoors.

If you’re in the market for a single pair of golf shoes that are versatile enough to be worn all year round, I believe the Gallivan2r is a serious contender.

Check out the G/FORE Gallivan2r Golf Shoes here.

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