Duca del Cosma Positano Golf Shoe Review

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The Duca del Cosma Positano Golf Shoe merges Italian elegance with practical golf features, offering a premium waterproof leather upper and a lightweight, grippy outsole for excellent performance on and off the course. Its comfort, quality, and versatility make it a top choice for golfers seeking a stylish, spikeless shoe.

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Founded in 2004, Duca del Cosma is a premium Italian golf shoe brand.

With a vast selection of elegant designs blending fashion and performance, their golf shoes are designed to work just as well off the course as they do on.

The handcrafted Positano is a popular silhouette in the lineup. The shoe oozes class, combining a waterproof Italian leather upper with a lightweight EVA outsole.

In this Duca del Cosma Positano review, we test the shoe on the golf course.


From a visual standpoint, the Positano looks unique and incredibly classy.

The shoe upper is made entirely of premium Italian Nappa leather.

There’s no mistaking the authenticity of this leather, as you are immediately hit with the lovely smell of fresh leather when you open the box. The shoe exudes quality.

duca del cosma positano golf shoe side
The Duca del Cosma Positano is a stylish and premium golf shoe.

Overlapping elements make up the design of the shoe upper.

Dark blue leather provides the base, overlaid with pale blue elements. The “C” logo sits within the midsection, and perforated leather is used around the toe for breathability.

The foam midsole takes a sportier approach, with diamond-shaped moldings giving the shoe further texture. White foam contrasts the off-white leather upper.

My initial takeaway from the look of this golf shoe was the premium build quality.

duca del cosma positano golf shoe top
Fresh white and blue elements combine well in this colorway.

Comfort & Performance

With the Duca del Cosma Positano, there’s no drop-off when it comes to comfort.

The soft leather uppers provide flexibility, almost molding to your foot’s shape. The insole features sufficient arch support, keeping your foot supported in a long round of golf.

I also experienced zero break-in period, which is a pleasant surprise. I’m often susceptible to blisters on first wear, but the Positano was instantly comfy out of the box.

duca del cosma positano golf shoe front
The outsole wraps into the toe cap, protecting the soft leather upper.

Duca del Cosma markets the Positano as a summer shoe.

Having said that, the leather uppers are 100% waterproof and the spikeless outsole offers plenty of traction that will hold up well in damper course conditions.

The outsole features the advanced D-Eva technology, made from ultra-lightweight EVA. This keeps the weight of the shoe as low as possible while remaining highly durable.

I also found the flat outsole to provide lots of stability in my golf swing. Even on sloped lies, the solid base gave me the confidence to feel rooted to the ground.

duca del cosma positano golf shoe sole
The spikeless outsole provides plenty of grip and a stable base.

The beauty of the Duca del Cosma Positano is its versatility. If there’s ever a case for a golf shoe being versatile enough to be worn off the course, the Positano is exactly that.

While the outsole offers plenty of grip for the golf course, the rubber nubs are low-profile enough for the shoe to be worn on firm surfaces and indoors.

duca del cosma positano golf shoe tongue
Subtle accents like the Italian flag on the tongue elevate the Positano.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a stylish and spikeless golf shoe that can be worn both on and off the course, the Duca del Cosma Positano should be right at the top of your shortlist.

While I wouldn’t wear this golf shoe in the muddy depths of winter, it’s a great pick for the golf season. Should you wear it in damper conditions, the waterproof leather uppers will have you covered. The spikeless sole also offers plenty of grip and stability.

Check out the Duca del Cosma Positano Golf Shoes here.

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