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The Adidas ZG23 BOA Golf Shoe combines style, comfort, and cutting-edge BOA Fit System adjustability, offering superior traction and performance for wider feet. Despite the mesh being hard to clean, the ZG23 BOA excels in stability.

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According to Adidas, the ZG23 “redefines what a lightweight golf shoe can do.”

It’s a lightweight spiked golf shoe that promises stability, all-day comfort, and a secure grounded feel. Plus, the BOA Fit System offers adjustability at the turn of a dial.

In this review, we put the Adidas ZG23 BOA Golf Shoes to the test.


In my opinion, the Adidas ZG23 BOA is a great-looking golf shoe.

The shoe features a soft, microfiber upper overlayed with a mesh element. This ties into the BOA system, allowing you to secure your foot without the need for traditional laces.

While the laceless look isn’t for everyone — I like the sleek, uninterrupted design.

adidas zg23 iso view
The ZG23 BOA features a sleek laceless upper, with mesh working to secure your foot.

The shoe sits upon a Lightstrike midsole that’s fairly chunky and is designed to offer plenty of support. Visually, this gives the shoe a sturdy and modern appearance.

The ZG23 is a wide-fitting golf shoe. If you have wider feet and generally struggle to find shoes to accommodate this, I strongly recommend giving this model a try!

adidas zg23 sole
The ZG23 features a six-cleat sole design.

One of the highlights of this golf shoe is its incredible traction.

The ZG23 adopts a six-cleat sole design, featuring proprietary Adidas spikes. These large six-pronged spikes lock you into the ground in the swing and help in softer conditions.

I tested this shoe in the depths of English winter, and they held up well!

adidas zg23 spikes
The proprietary Adidas spikes offer plenty of traction on the course.

On Feet

In this neutral white colorway, the ZG23 BOA will pair well with any pants or shorts.

In testing, I also began to really appreciate the laceless design. With some golf shoes, long sets of laces can be an annoyance — like those found on the Nike Jordan 1 Low G.

On feet, I like the look and feel of the laceless ZG23 BOA.

BOA Technology

A standout feature of this Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoe is the BOA Fit System. This incorporates a low-profile dial, along with a flexible and strong textile lace.

The BOA Li2 dial offers four simple functions:

  1. Push in to engage.
  2. Turn clockwise to tighten.
  3. Turn anticlockwise to loosen.
  4. Pull up for fast release.
adidas zg23 boa technology
The BOA Fit System makes adjustability simple.

With the ZG23 BOA, the lace ties into the mesh overlay. Effectively, this allows the entire shoe upper to hug your foot upon tightening — far better than a typical lace would.

What’s great about the BOA Fit System is that you can fine-tune it. The dial offers micro-adjustability, so you can tighten or loosen off as you progress through your round.

From above, you can see how this shoe is on the wider side.

Comfort & Performance

The Adidas ZG23 BOA incorporates an INSITE sockliner. This padded interior makes the shoe feel so comfortable when walking the course, with a true locked-in feel.

For me, there was zero break-in period with the ZG23 BOA. This is a huge bonus, as you won’t have to worry about blisters when wearing them straight out of the box.

adidas zg23 rear
The ZG23 is very comfortable and I experienced zero break-in period.

With the extra-thick Lightstrike midsole, you get plenty of shock absorption underfoot.

The waterproof upper held up very well after playing 18 holes in very wet conditions. One thing to note, however, is that the mesh area is difficult to clean once it gets dirty.

adidas zg23 muddy
After playing in muddy conditions, the mesh area is pretty hard to clean.

Final Thoughts

The Adidas ZG23 is an excellent golf shoe for those with wider feet. Combined with the BOA technology, this is a solid all-rounder with great comfort and performance.

As you can see, I put these through their paces in muddy English course conditions! While the mesh area is hard to keep clean, the ZG23 is sturdy and has plenty of traction.

Check out the Adidas ZG23 BOA Golf Shoes here.

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