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The ECCO LT1 Golf Shoe impresses with sleek looks, a bouncy sole, and exceptional comfort. Featuring a lightweight design without sacrificing quality, it offers excellent stability and cushioning. Ideal for golfers who value walking comfort on the course.

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ECCO has been producing golf shoes for almost 30 years. With decades of shoe-making experience, the Danish brand has become renowned for its comfort and quality.

With the LT1 golf shoe, ECCO promises you will “experience a new kind of lightness.”

But, does the quest for a lighter shoe sacrifice the usual ECCO quality?

In this ECCO LT1 review, I’ll answer that and more.


Out of the box, the ECCO LT1 has a sleek and modern look.

If I were to pin a word on it — fluid comes to mind. The golf shoe is fairly rounded and features a wavy sole with similarly curved vent details on the upper.

ecco lt1 golf shoe side
The LT1 takes on a wavy, yet minimalistic design.

For the LT1, the Danish brand has targeted the clean, sneaker aesthetic. Being a spikeless golf shoe, it lends itself to being worn mainly in the dry months of the year.

In this white and navy version, the upper features subtle tonal branding. The muted colors will pair nicely with pants or shorts, making it a versatile footwear choice for the course.

ecco lt1 golf shoe front
The toe area looks durable and well-made.

Comfort & Performance

The ECCO LT1 is fairly lightweight — one size 11 shoe weighs in at 489 grams.

While this isn’t the lightest spikeless golf shoe we’ve tested at Pitchmarks, it’s largely because ECCO has decided to not hold back on the use of premium materials.

ECCO Performance Leather is used for the upper, which is waterproof and breathable. The midsole is packed with LYTR, an advanced bounce and rebound foam for comfort.

ecco lt1 golf shoe top
From above, the LT1 looks wide and stable.

From above, the rounded toe box gives the LT1 a pretty wide look. The wide, solid base provides lots of stability, giving you the confidence to stay grounded in your swing.

Internally, the LT1 is packed with lots of cushioning. This gives the immediate sensation of the shoe hugging your foot, which feels particularly great when walking the course.

The removable OrthoLite® insole provides extra padding and breathability underfoot and can be taken out to accommodate wider feet, adding a welcome level of adaptability.

ecco lt1 golf shoe insole
The LT1 is lined with cloud-like cushioning.

When it comes to comfort, the LT1 excels. ECCO has paired its signature FLUIDFORM technology with newly developed LYTR foam to form a bouncy and responsive sole.

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give the LT1 is that I wasn’t even thinking about my feet on the golf course. The springy sole propelled me along with each step.

Despite the bouncy sole, the LT1 also has good stability — both in the golf swing and when navigating the course. This stability is largely assisted by X-TENSA INVISIBLE technology, which is designed to connect the sole to the laces for an overall secure fit.

The outsole has deep rubber grips, providing good traction. While it won’t feel as grippy as a spiked shoe in softer conditions, the versatility of a spikeless shoe is unmatched.

ecco lt1 golf shoe sole
The outsole features deep rubber grips providing solid traction.

Final Thoughts

The LT1 is a solid shoe that will appeal to many golfers. With sleek looks, a bouncy sole, and a lightweight build — it’s an excellent all-rounder for those seeking comfort.

My lasting impression of the LT1 is how well the shoe hugs the foot. If you do lots of walking on the golf course, you’ll seriously appreciate the level of comfort.

Check out the ECCO LT1 Golf Shoes here.

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