G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoe Review

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The G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoes combine traditional and modern styling, featuring a sturdy, waterproof leather upper and a bold, spiked sole for enhanced traction. Comfortable and durable, they are ideal for wet conditions, offering support and a unique insole with massaging nubs.

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Fast-growing brand G/FORE has refined its popular Gallivanter golf shoe.

Featuring their all-new G/LOCK sole technology, this latest iteration has removable Softspikes for improved traction — particularly in softer conditions.

In this review, we put the G/LOCK Gallivanters to the test.


First of all, the Gallivanter is a beautiful golf shoe.

The upper has traditional styling, while the sole design takes on a contrasting contemporary look. Paired together, it’s a shoe fit for the modern game.

g/fore soles
G/FORE adds Softspikes to the popular Gallivanter golf shoe.

The build quality feels fantastic. While they’re slightly on the heavier side when compared with sneaker-style spikeless golf shoes, they feel sturdy and durable.

There are three colorways to choose from — either snow, navy, or black. I tested out the “snow” colorway, which has a subtle off-white appearance.

But it’s the sole where the G/LOCK Gallivanter comes to life.

In the snow model reviewed, a bold yellow sole is emblazoned with a skull and tees motif. Paired with the spikes, this brings a real sense of personality to the shoe.

g/fore spikes
The G/LOCK system uses Tour Flex Pro spikes from Softspikes.

On Feet

If you prefer your golf shoes to have a classic look — you’re in luck!

The Gallivanter has notoriously traditional styling. Not only do they look great on any golf course, but it makes them easy to pair with any pants or shorts.

g/fore on foot
The Gallivanters look great on foot.

The uppers are formed from premium waterproof leather with a pebbled finish.

I tested them through 18 holes in fairly wet conditions. Any mud was easy to wipe from the surface of the shoes, so I’d imagine these would age pretty well.

The G/FORE Gallivanter shoes are supplied with two sets of laces. I stuck with the default white pair, but the backup gray set would add an interesting contrast.

g/fore leather detail
The pebbled leather uppers add a touch of class — without sacrificing durability.

Comfort & Performance

The Gallivanter is extremely comfortable. This should come as no surprise, as the silhouette has been a popular model among golfers for over 4 years.

Antimicrobial triple-density foam is used for the footbed, which feels springy yet supportive underfoot. One area that contributes to the comfort is the insoles, which have unique “nubs” that massage your feet with every step.

Together, the footbed and insole reduce the fatigue of walking the course.

g/fore insoles
The insole features massaging “nubs” which feel great — particularly when walking 18 holes.

These shoes are on the heavier side. But while they don’t have the weightless feel that other golf shoes might have, it’s not to the detriment of performance.

If anything, the heavier soles give a sense of support and rigidity. I felt grounded and locked into the turf, giving me the confidence to swing.

The padded mesh interior lining grips the foot, further locking your feet in place.

g/fore walking shot
The dash of color on the soles adds personality to an otherwise classic-looking shoe.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the G/FORE Gallivanter golf shoes are an excellent blend of traditional and modern styling. The G/LOCK sole technology takes this shoe to another level in terms of traction and comfort, particularly in softer conditions.

I shot my lowest round testing these golf shoes — take from that what you will!

Check out the G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoes here.

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